STFC: Praes system

One of the systems you can explore in STFC is Praes, which is a level 12 system that requires a warp range of 25 to reach.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous video game that allows you to explore a vast galaxy. Gamers need to collect blueprints and build ships  to travel in space. There are countless systems you can explore in STFC, one of which is Praes.

The Galaxy

The Galaxy is a map of how each system is connected. Players can send their ships to other systems from this map. Keep in mind that your ship has to enter warp to travel between systems. Fortunately, other players cannot attack your ship when it is warping.

You can select the “System” icon at the bottom of your screen to find out which System your station is located in.

You can select “;Locate” on any ship to view the System that your ship is in. To explore another system, you can click anywhere in a System to send your selected ship there.

STFC: Praes system

There are more than 35 systems you can explore in STFC and one of these is Praes, which is a level 12 system. This means that only players level 12 or higher can explore this system, as you need a warp of 25 to reach it.

STFC: Praes system
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Praes is near the edge of the blue sector on your Galaxy map. It is located to the West of Herias, North-East of Mordus and South-West of Wrund.

There are also various enemies within Praes. However, since it is a low-level system, the enemies are not extremely powerful.

If you are level 12, you may have a difficult time destroying the enemies, as their level is equivalent to yours. But if you are a higher-level player, you can defeat the enemies with ease.

The enemies that you will likely find are:

  Takret Militia Takret Militia
Type Battleship Battleship
Level 11 12
Scout No No
Strength 2300 2905

Unfortunately, there are no missions that you have to complete in Praes, so you can only use the system to defeat enemies and to mine resources.

Furthermore, the system does not have any housing available, thus, you cannot move your station to Praes permanently.

Although there are no missions in Praes, there are several planets that you can explore:

Planet Location X Location Y
Maes -60 144
Vaes -206 96
Faes -261 -101
Raes 57 -218
Laes 357 -7
True Temple Station 269 132


STFC occasionally hosts in-game events for players to enjoy. Some events require that you to vanquish a certain number of enemies, while other events are quizzes.

Players have had to complete several quizzes that mention Praes. The table below lists all the quizzes for which  gamers had to travel to Praes:

Quiz Question number Answer
Espionage Insider Information 6 B: You had to defeat 1 hostile in Praes.
Anniversary Event ( 29 November 2022) 5 E: Players had to kill 1 enemy in Praes.
The Great Picard 9 B: Destroy 1 hostile in Praes

Although there are no missions to complete in Praes, players have to travel to the system to answer event quizzes.

How to increase warp range

As a low-level player, your ships will only have enough power to reach low-level systems. This can be quite problematic, especially during an event. Low-level players cannot travel to Praes to answers quizzes as their ships’ warp range is too low.

You can increase your warp range by upgrading your vessels and building powerful new ships, such as the Jellyfish. However, the Jellyfish can only be purchased with real money and therefore, many players do not have it.

Alternatively, you can obtain specific crew members to increase a ship’s warp speed and distance. Cadet Scotty, TOS Scotty and Grush increase warp range, whereas Stamets increases speed.

Other systems

In addition to Praes, you can explore the following systems:

System Level
Aciben 17
Bodex 2
Constina 26
Donfo 10
Er’Yozun 24
Fontaine 30
Gobbo 9
H’Atoria 30
Iocau 22
Jishui 16
Katonda 6
Loaiy 25
May’lang 31
Nidox 1
Opla 20
Phelan 28
Quvolis 11
Rainsford 20
Siiolux 35
Tejat 30
Una 9
Vemet 17
Whinnul 9
Xerxes 29
Yridia 7
Zukerat 4

Players should remember that all systems in STFC have a warp requirement. If your ship is below the recommended warp, you cannot travel to that system.

Furthermore, every system has specific enemies of different levels that you can defeat to earn rewards.

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