STFC: Perfect Results mission

STFC’s new core mission, Perfect Results, consists of 5 parts that require commanders to complete unique objectives to earn rewards.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is a thrilling video game that invites players to complete space-based missions, vanquish hostiles and recruit officers.

The Lower Decks II Part 2 update released many new core missions in the game.

Perfect Results

One of the new core mission chains is Perfect Results, which consists of 5 parts. Players should remember that each part has specific tasks and objectives that must be completed to earn rewards.

Part 1 of the quest chain tasks you with reaching the warehouse with the holopods before you have to donate 500 Raw Latinum to sneak past the guards. You then have to mind 100 G3 Raw Gas and find the source of the distress signal.

After vanquishing the Klingons, you will unlock part 2 of the questline. To complete the second part, you have to restart the simulation and mine 100 Raw Latinum. Commanders also have to check the outposts before reporting to the base.

In part 3, players have to disable the guards’ ship to reach the Cerritos. You have to stop the Pakled ship and donate 4 million Tritanium to repair the Cerritos. The final objective is to escape from the Pakleds.

To complete part 4, you have to follow the distress signal to find the vessel in distress. After defeating a few ships. You have to protect the civilians from the Romulans.

The final part in the Perfect Results mission chain requires that you reach Black Mountain, where you have to defeat the Black Mountain guards.

After protecting Boimler from Klingon clowns, you have to talk to the Cosmic Koala, and then get rid of the evidence.

STFC: Perfect Results mission
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If you completing every part of the Perfect Results mission chain, you will earn rich rewards. The following table lists the rewards that you will earn:

Perfect Results part Rewards
  • 1 Alonzo Freeman
  • 500 000 Dilithium
  • 1 Doctor T’Ana
  • 5 million Parsteel
  • 725 000 Tritanium
  • 1 Shaxs
  • 600 Premium Recruit Token
  • 7 12-hour Assignment Speed Up
  • 1 Alonzo Freeman
  • 500 3-star Raw Ore
  • 500 3-star Raw Gas
  • 500 3-star Raw Crystals
  • 1 Doctor T’Ana
  • 1500 Latinum
  • 160 Recruit Token

How to begin the Perfect Results mission chain

Commanders should note that the Perfect Results mission chain cannot be started directly by accepting it in a system. This is because it is a chain mission.

To begin the Perfect Results missions, you have to open your Holodeck and search for the mission in the mission list.

Keep in mind that there are certain requirements that must be met before you can accept the new core mission. You also need a specific warp range to complete every Perfect Result part.

That being said, most parts require a warp range of 25 or lower, however, Perfect Results part 3 requires a warp range of 40 to complete.

Where is the Perfect Results mission chain?

In addition to the Perfect Results, the update also introduced various new core missions, including T’Ana, Her Face Green and Temporal Cartography.

After Scopely made the announcement, several players revealed that they are unable to find the Perfect Results mission chain in their Holodeck. This is because Scopely did not release all the new core missions simultaneously.

However, Scopely has since released the Perfect Results mission chain, which means that you will now be able to find it in your Holodeck.

If you still cannot accept the mission chain, it may be because you do not meet the requirements to complete Perfect Results.

Complete New Missions event

Scopely regularly hosts in-game events that players can enjoy to earn rich rewards. To celebrate the arrival of the new core missions, Scopely is hosting the Complete New Missions – SMS event.

This event requires that STFC players complete all the new core missions to score points.

The number of points you accumulate during this event will determine the rewards that you will receive when the event concludes.

To earn points, you have to complete the Perfect Results mission chain, T’Ana, Her Face Green as well as Temporal Cartography.

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