STFC: Orion Corvette Research

Veteran STFC players are unable to complete the Field Training objective, Orion Corvette Research, as they have done it a long time ago.

Gamers can put their tactical abilities to the test in this thrilling mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). Scopely, the game’s creator, recently introduced the Field Training system to help new players progress in the game.

However, veteran STFC players are struggling to complete some of the objectives, including the Orion Corvette Research objective.

Field training

In early December 2022, Scopely added the Field Training system to STFC. The Training Field is intended to help all commanders in STFC understand the game better.

It can also help you advance in the game as you have to complete certain allocated tasks to earn rewards.

If you are a new STFC player, the Field Training system can be a great help to you, as it is not always clear what to do in the game.

Luckily, you can open the Field Training menu and find out what the next objective is. Keep in mind, though, that you may have to complete other objectives before you can complete the Field Training objective.

STFC: Orion Corvette Research

One of the first ships that you will build in STFC is the Orion Corvette, Since it is your first battleship, you will likely use it to complete early game missions, kill enemies and to defeat other players in early player-versus-player modes.

STFC: Orion Corvette Research
© Scopely

The shop’s ability is a bonus to its maximum hull health, which starts out at a 10, but it reaches 110 when the ship has reached level 20.

Most midgame and endgame players have forgotten about their Orion Corvette, since it is a very basic ship, and it should actually only be used during the early-game phase.

However, with the launch of the Training Field feature, many players have paid attention to their Orion Corvettes.

One of the objectives in Field Training is to Complete the Orion Corvette Research node in the Research menu. Unfortunately, many midgame and endgame players completed the Orion Corvette Research many moons ago.

STFC: Orion Corvette Research
© Scopely

This essentially means that they cannot complete the Field Training objective, and therefore, they are unable to progress in the system.

Scopely is allegedly aware of the problem that many players are not able to complete Field Training objectives since they have completed them before Field Training was introduced to the game.

In an attempt to fix this issue, Scopely announced that players who have already completed a Field Training objective in the past will automatically complete the current objective.

This means that if you completed the Orion Corvette Research before the Field Training update, you should automatically complete the objective and receive its rewards.

Unfortunately, many STFC players have revealed that the objective still did not complete automatically.

What to do if you are stuck at the Orion Corvette Research node

Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do to complete the Orion Corvette Research objective, as the fault lies with Scopely. All that you can do is wait for Scopely to fix the issue, and it is still undetermined when they will repair the problem.

Scopely generally fixes bugs and problems with in-game updates. It is therefore advisable that you keep an eye on the official STFC announcements to see when the problem has been resolved.

In the meantime, you can log a ticket with Scopely to inform them of the problem that you are experiencing.

Will building and levelling the ship complete the objective?

Since many players are stuck at the Orion Corvette Research objective, some players have tried scrapping their ship before reconstructing it.

STFC: Orion Corvette Research
© Scopely

Keep in mind that if you scrap your Orion Corvette, you have to build it from scratch again and increase its level by defeating enemies.

Unfortunately, this does not reset the Orion Corvette Research feature, which means that you will likely not be able to complete the Field Training objective.

Players should rather wait for the bug to be fixed instead of scraping their Orion Corvette.

Are new STFC players affected by the bug?

Since the Field Training system is a new feature in the game, it does not have a negative effect on new STFC players. This is because new players did not research the Orion Corvette before the Field Training system was introduced.

Therefore, only veteran players are affected by the bug as they have completed most of the Field Training objectives a long time ago. If you are experiencing the bug, you should log a support ticket in STFC.

Moreover, you can head to the official STFC Discord channel where you can explain the problem in the bug report page.

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