STFC: Orion Cargo Transporter

The Orion Cargo Transporter Forbidden Tech in STFC provides your ship with numerous enhancements, but you have to progress in the Territorial Seasonal Pass to unlock it.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous video game that invites players to explore a vast, open galaxy.

To progress in the game, you have to complete space-based missions, vanquish hostiles, construct ships and upgrade your fleet.

Orion Cargo Transporter

STFC’s developer, Scopely, recently introduced Forbidden Technology to the game for players to enjoy. Forbidden Tech is a set of dangerous collectables that you can use to bolster your ship’s capabilities.

Since the new system was implemented in STFC, the developers have introduced various additional Forbidden Tech for you to unlock.

On Tuesday, 3 October 2023, Scopely released update 59, also known as Lower Decks II Part 2, which introduced new quests, officers, hostiles and new Forbidden Tech.

One of the Forbidden Tech that this update released is Orion Cargo Transporter (Rare).

Orion Cargo Transporter
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This devious invention is generally used to steal goods from unsecured cargo holds.

The Orion Syndicate has configured this transporter to bypass certain shield frequencies, but with enhanced risk that each transport attempt will fail, leaving anything and anyone involved reduced to phased-out atoms.

If you unlock and equip this Forbidden Tech, your ship will receive enhancements when raiding other Commanders’ stations.

Keep in mind that the effect and the value that you receive when unlocking this Forbidden Tech are determined by your tier.

It can therefore be said that the higher the level and tier you are, the bigger the effect will be that you receive from using this Forbidden Tech.


It is crucial that you upgrade your systems to receive more benefits from the Orion Cargo Transporter Forbidden Tech. Some of the effects that you will receive based on your level and tier:

Level Tier Effect Value
1 1 Increases Max Cargo for Surveys 50 percent
5 1 Increases Max Cargo for Surveys 90 percent
10 2 Increases Max Cargo for Surveys 140 percent
12 3 Increases Protected Cargo for surveys 100 percent
16 4 Increases Protected Cargo for surveys 175 percent
25 6 Increases Amalgam Max Cargo 50 percent
28 6 Increases Protected Cargo for surveys 400 percent
36 8 Increases Amalgam Power effectiveness 30 percent

How to unlock Orion Cargo Transporter

When Forbidden Tech was released, Scopely also introduced Q’s Trials to the game.

Forbidden Tech parts are spread throughout the Galaxy, however, only Commanders level 19 and higher can use the parts required to unlock specific Forbidden Technology.

That being said, you will have to test your crew’s capabilities by challenging them in the ultimate form of battle, Q’s Trials, to unlock some of the most devious, illicit and potentially unstable technology.

However, to acquire the Orion Cargo Transporter, you have to progress in the new Territory Season Pass.

Every season of Territory Capture lasts 3 months, which means that Commanders have enough time to procure the exclusive Forbidden Tech.

Improving Orion Cargo Transporter

Once you have the Orion Cargo Transporter Forbidden Tech, you have to upgrade it to increase its effects. Forbidden Tech can be improved through Level and Tier up actions.

Although this may seems like an easy task, players should note that every attempt to improve your Forbidden Tech could fail.

Unfortunately, your upgrade materials will be consumed if the attempt was unsuccessful. To increase Orion Cargo Transporters level, you have to use Protomatter and Reactors.

Commanders can get Protomatter by completing Q’s Trials successfully while Reactors are earned by completing Q’s Trials’ Daily Goals.

To increase Orion Cargo Transporter’s tier, you need Catalysts, which are refined from Forbidden Tech Credits. STFC players can earn these credits by completing Q’s Trials Daily Goals.

Q’s Trials

Q’s Trials is an exciting activity that commanders level 19 and higher can enjoy. Before beginning the trial, you can discover more information about your target by selecting the information button on the Trial screen.

To begin a Trial, you need to spend Trial Bells, which you can get through the gift section or by participating in specific in-game events.

To successfully complete a trial, you have to destroy the enemy before the time runs out. The only way to fail a Trial is by not destroying the target before the timer expires.

If you vanquish the target, the Rank of the Trial will increase. As the Trial Rank increases, so will the hostile’s power.

If you complete a trial, you will earn Protomatter, which can be used to upgrade Orion Cargo Transporter.

That being said, the amount of Protomatter you earn is determined by the Trial as well as your current Court of Q building level.

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