STFC: Origin Space

One of the areas you can explore in STFC is known as Origin Space, however you can only enter it if you participate in the Territory Capture activity

One of the activities that Commanders can enjoy in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is Territory Capture.

This activity takes place in a new area of space known as the Origin Sector. The Origin Sector consists of zones that may be composed of one or more systems.

While the Territory Capture activity is active, you have to compete with other Alliances to earn the most points during a zone takeover to capture that zone and add it to your Alliance’s Territory.

As long as your Alliance owns a zone, all members of the Alliance will have access to the benefits associated with that zone.

STFC: Origin Space
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Unlike the normal STFC gameplay, there are no level restrictions around player-versus-player ship combat in the Origin Sector. You can thus attack players of any level while battling for the control of a specific zone.

Commanders should note that all systems within the Origin Sector follow deep space visibility rules.

This essentially means that you will not be able to view into the Origin Space unless you have a ship or station present in one of the Origin Space systems.

It is worth noting that Origin Space essentially refers to the Territory Capture. Commanders therefore cannot enter this section of the galaxy if a Territory Capture event is not active.

When a Territory Capture is active, you will notice that every zone has a scheduled takeover time. Alliances can then sign up to join that zone’s takeover and defeat other players to earn points.

The Alliance with the most points at the end of the takeover will become the owners of that zone.

The Embassy

Every zone in the Origin Sector has its own Embassy, which you can access through any system that is part of that zone. If you open the Embassy, you can obtain the following information:

Category Description
Systems The Embassy provides players with a detailed list of all the systems within a specific zone.
Services Selecting the Services icon in the Embassy will display a list of all the buffs and effects that your entire Alliance receives for owning that zone.
Schedule If the zone has yet to be captured, the Embassy will feature a schedule that reveals when its takeover is happening. Alliance members ranked Commodore and higher may join a zone’s takeover through the Embassy.

Participating in a Takeover

Once a player that is Commodore or higher has signed their Alliance up for a Takeover, you will need an empty zone slot to join that takeover. If your Alliance does not have any territory, you can only opt-in to join takeovers in T1 zones.

If your territory is contiguous, players can attempt to take over any zone which is adjacent to your current territory.

This takeover will feature a warp path that is directly connected to a system in your takeover. If your territory is not contiguous, you can try to take over any zone that will make your territory contiguous again.

If your Alliance owns the zone, you will automatically join the takeover without having to pay the takeover cost.

Scoring points in the Origin Sector

When your Alliance has joined a takeover, you need to obtain as many points as possible. By simply being present in that zone, you will earn 1 point. However, if you occupy a capture node, you will receive 4 points.

The number of ships you have in that zone will also reward you with points. This means that if you have 3 vessels in that zone, you will receive 3 points, so we recommend that you place as many vessels in the Origin Sector as possible.

The Alliance with the most points when the takeover is complete will gain ownership of that zone. Once your Alliance becomes the owner of a zone, the entire Alliance will receive a variety of buffs and bonuses.

Ownership benefits in the Origin Sector

STFC alliances that own zones will receive the following buffs:

Name Description
Exclusive Mining Only members of the owning Alliance can mine the Origin Sector systems. That being said, other players can still attack mining ships. The winning vessel can steal protected cargo from the mining ship, but it will not be able to dock on the mine
Exclusive Housing When your Alliance owns a zone, you can relocate your station to the Origin Sector. Players who continue to house their stations in zones which their Alliance do not own will not be able to activate a peace shield
Services Alliances can purchase specific services related to that zone. Services provide buffs to the entire Alliance

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