STFC: Officers that increase cargo size

There are numerous officers in STFC, but only a few officers have the ability to increase your ship’s cargo size.

In this exciting video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), players can put their strategic abilities to the test.

It follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic series, Star Trek, and thus, you can discover iconic characters like Spock, Kirk, McCoy, and Uhura while progressing in the main storyline.

In addition to completing the main storyline, players can defeat enemies, explore a vast space world, join alliances, and collect officers.

There are more than 20 officers that you can obtain in STFC, each of which has unique abilities. Some officers have the ability to increase the damage that you deal to enemies, while others can increase your ship’s cargo size.

Officer manoeuvres and abilities

Every officer in STFC has 1 Captain’s Manoeuvre and 1 Captain Ability, which determines their role and effectiveness as part of a crew:

Name Description
Captain ability These are mostly passive skills that trigger in combat or in other circumstances, but only when the Officer in question is allocated to the bridge of the ship
Captain’s Manoeuvres These active skills can only be used when the respective character is responsible for manning the Helm of the ship that they are assigned to. Manoeuvres are generally affected by the statistics of the other officers assigned to other stations of the ship. This is why synergy is a crucial aspect to consider when you are choosing the crew of a ship

STFC: Officers that increase cargo size

A ship’s cargo size, also known as cargo capacity, refers to how many resources the ship can carry at a time. In other words, if your ship has a cargo size of 1000, it can only carry 1000 resources.

When your ship reaches maximum cargo capacity while mining, it will stay on the node, but it will be unable to harvest more resources.

Players can find their ship’s cargo capacity by tapping on the ship on the bottom center and looking at the number next to the cargo size icon, which are 2 blocks next to each other, with 1 block stacked on top.

Some ships in STFC have a lower cargo size than others, but fortunately, you can assign specific officers to the ship’s crew to increase its cargo capacity:

Position Name
Captain Officer 2 of 11 (2/11)
Officer Officer 4 of 11 (4/11)
Officer Officer Stonn
Below Deck La’an

As is evident in the table, the captain of a resource harvesting ship should be officer 2 of 11, formerly known as Darrohk. This officer’s captain manoeuvre, Storage Optimization, increases a ship’s cargo size by 20 percent.

While 4 of 11’s officer ability, Cargo Optimization Algorithms, increases cargo capacity by 40 percent. However, as you upgrade this officer’s ability, the percentage will also increase. By rank 5, this officer increases cargo size by 60 percent.

Stonn is a geologist and survivor, who’s officer ability, Pack Rat, can increase the ship’s cargo size by a certain percentage. The percentage depends on the officer’s rank; at rank 1, the increase is only 20 percent, but at rank 5, the increase will be 40 percent.


Upgrading officers

It is crucial that you upgrade your officers regularly to increase their abilities. Players can level up and promote their roster of officers to increase their statistics and strengthen their ship. To level up an officer, you have to open their respective menu.

In this menu, you can click on the “level up” option to increase their level, but you should note that this requires officer experience points.

In the same menu, players can select the promote tab, but this requires shards of the specific officers. You also need to have enough resources to pay the promotion cost.

Which ship should you use to mine resources?

Before you select a crew to mine resources, you have to decide which ship you want to use. It is crucial that you first consider which resource you want to harvest, as some ships specialise in procuring a specific resource.

Assigning officers to a ship

Once you have selected a ship, you have to assign officers to it. STFC players can assign officers to a ship by selecting the ship and clicking on the manage panel. On the new menu, you can select the assigned officers option.

The next screen will show you how many officer slots are available for the ship that you have selected. Clicking on an empty slot will enable you to choose an officer to be assigned.

Keep in mind that you have to assign an officer, in this case, officer 2 of 11, to the ship’s bridge to activate their captain ability.

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