STFC: Offensive Protocol Commendation

STFC players can earn Offensive Protocol Commendations by selecting the Offensive option during the Delta Adversary event.

Star Trek Fleet Command is an explorative mobile game that invites you to immerse yourself in a fictitious space realm. In addition to following the main quest line, you can participate in several events.

One of the events you can enjoy is the Delta Adversary, during which you can receive Offensive Protocol Commendations.

STFC: Offensive Protocol Commendation

During the Delta Adversary event, you have to use the given clues in order to locate the systems. Once you have found the system, you have to use a hailing frequency scanner to obtain information.

However, the final part known as Data Delta 6, requires players to choose between Offensive and Diplomatic.

By choosing the Offensive option, players have to prepare their military strength for battle against the forces from the Delta Quadrant. You can expect events tailored around your fleet, researching and defeating enemies in the new space region.

If you select the Offensive side, you will receive Offensive Protocol Commendations when the arc comes to an end.

Players can supposedly use their Offensive Protocol Commendations to unlock rich, unique rewards. That being said, the rewards can apparently not be obtained elsewhere in STFC.

We therefore recommend that you complete the Delta Data event as you will be able to earn several rewards.

STFC: Offensive Protocol Commendation
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Delta Data Answers

Before you can choose Offensive, you have to solve 5 unique mysteries that require you to travel to a specific system:

Delta Data Answer
  • If you are level 26 or higher, you have to travel to Lainey.
  • Players below level 26 have to travel to Dyrr.
  • Commanders below level 26 have to travel to Suqigor.
  • Players level 2 and higher should travel to Ferenigar.
  • If you are level 26 or higher, you have to travel to Nasturta.
  • Players below level 26 should travel to Yoki Neesha.
  • Players level 26 and higher should travel to Kuzuhoh.
  • Commanders who are below level 26 have to travel to Kito.
  • If you are below level 26, you have to travel to Kejal.
  • Commanders level 26 and higher have to travel to Aletara.

Who should choose the Offensive option?

Players who choose to be Offensive will receive tasks that revolve around battles, research and defeating enemies. You therefore need an extremely strong fleet as it is up to you to defeat the forces of the Delta Quadrant.

If you are interested in battles, the Offensive option is perfect, however, if your fleet is not strong enough and you are yet to recruit strong officers, we recommend that you select the Diplomatic option.

Subprotocol Alpha

STFC players will be able to enjoy the Subprotocol Alpha Event from Saturday, 27 May 2023. The tasks you have to complete during this event are determined by the choice you made during the Delta Adversary event.

If you selected the Offensive option, you can gain power during the Subprotocol Alpha event by upgrading your research and by using Ship experience points.

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