STFC: Offensive or Diplomatic

Whether you choose to be Offensive or Diplomatic during STFC’s Delta Adversary, you will still receive rewards when the arc concludes.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you can encounter iconic characters, ships and locations from the classic series, Star Trek. There are several game modes and events you can enjoy; however, the main quest line should be your main priority.

One of the events you can participate in is Delta Adversary, which requires you to choose between Offensive or Diplomatic.

STFC: Offensive or Diplomatic

The Delta Adversary event’s official description states, “The Delta Quadrant is full of mystery and danger.

As the Voyager explores the labyrinth of uncharted space, our forces in the Alpha Quadrant face an antithetical problem at home: confronting new otherworldly threats.”

By participating in this event, you have to choose how you want to deal with the visitors. Players therefore have to choose between Offensive or Diplomatic. Both of these options require you to perform a set of tasks to complete the activity.

If you select Offense, you have to prepare your military as you have to battle the forces from the Delta Quadrant. The tasks you have to complete are tailored around your fleet, defeating enemies and researching specific aspects.

However, if you select Diplomacy, you have to communicate and negotiate peace with the forces from the Delta Quadrant.

By selecting this option, you have to complete tasks that are tailored around away-team assignments, resource gathering, upgrading your station and your officers.

STFC: Offensive or Diplomatic
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Which option should you choose?

Players should note that regardless of what they choose, they will still receive rewards for completing the activity. Additionally, the choice you make will not influence the main questline of STFC.

You can therefore choose to be Diplomatic or Offensive based on your personal preference.

The choice you make however, will influence an upcoming event – enough only to determine the kind of tasks you have to complete during the event and not the rewards you will receive.

Subprotocol Alpha event

From Saturday, 27 May 2023, you will be able to participate in the Subprotocol Alpha Event. Keep in mind that the tasks you have to complete during this event is based on the choice you made during the Delta Adversary event:

Event category Tasks
Diplomatic Subprotocol Alpha To gain power in this event, you have to upgrade your station and spend officer experience points.
Offensive Subprotocol Alpha Commanders who are selected to be Offensive can gain power by upgrading their research and spend ship experience points.


Once you have selected to be Diplomatic or Offensive, you will receive rewards. STFC players who selected Diplomacy, will receive Diplomatic Commendations while Offensive players will obtain Offensive Commendations.

You can use these Commendations to procure unique rewards when the arc concludes. As the arc is still active, it is impossible to know what the rewards are. However, the rewards can apparently not be acquired elsewhere in the game.

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