STFC: NX-01 Refinery

The NX-01 Refinery in STFC allows Commanders to obtain the required materials to upgrade the vessel and officer shards for PIC Hugh.

In February 2024, Scopely added the Enterprise NX-01 to Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), however, only Commanders level 40 and higher can add it to their fleet.

With its formidable warp speed and armaments, the NX-01 proves to be a great tool for confronting the Xindi hostile forces.

Once you have added the vessel to your fleet, you will get access to the NX-01 Refinery, which allows you to refine materials into valuable items.

Along with the new vessel, Scopely also introduced 15 new themed systems which are home to Xindi-Aquatic hostiles.

To travel to the new systems, you have to use a Delphic Expanse Travel Token, which is sourced exclusively from the NX-01 Refinery. To obtain this token, you have to vanquish Xindi-Reptilian hostiles to get Xindi-scraps.

Once you have a Token, you can travel to one of the new systems and use your NX-01 to defeat Xindi-Aquatic hostiles.

The loot that you obtain from defeating the hostiles can be exchanged in the NX-01 Refinery to obtain Ex-Borg Credits and Epic Credits.

Players can use these Credits to collect character shards for PIC Hugh as well as other valuable rewards.

Similar to other vessels, players can upgrade their NX-01 to enhance its capabilities. However, you need to acquire Ceramic Composite by destroying Xindi-Aquatic hostiles.

Players can use the loot they get after vanquishing the enemies and refine it in the NX-01 refinery to get Ceramic Composite.

Xindi-Aquatic hostiles

To procure the materials needed to be used in the NX-01 Refinery, you have to defeat Xindi-Aquatic hostiles. These only spawn in specific systems, which are as follows:

Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser level Systems
  • Estellion
  • Demetrium
  • Juuska
  • Faden
  • Dahkso
  • Tamhluch
  • Paynax
  • Anorlo
  • Taskeh
  • Meedra
  • Mobhi
  • Yoton

Commanders should note that all of these systems have specific warp requirements. The higher the level of the system, the higher the required warp range to travel to it.

For instance, Estellion has a warp range requirement of 70, while Yoton has a warp range requirement of 1000.

How to add the NX-01 to your fleet

Players who meet the requirements can add the NX-01 to their fleet to gain access to its unique refinery.

Keep in mind that your Shipyard has to be at least level 40 before you can construct the vessel. Similar to other vessels, you have to procure the NX-01’s blueprints to construct it.

Commanders can obtain 1 or 2 NX-01 blueprints from the Ex-borg Store on a daily basis. When you have collected 200 blueprints, you can build the vessel.

Keep in mind that you can purchase additional blueprints with real money from the “Offers” tab.

We recommend that you construct the vessel as soon as you can as it ensures guaranteed drops of Ex-Borg credits. Additionally, the NX-01 allows players to procure shards for officer Picard Hugh.

NX-01’s abilities

Once you have constructed the NX-01, you can use its abilities to defeat the Xindi-Aquatic enemies and gain access to its refinery.

The table below lists its unique abilities and a description of each:

Name Type Description
Learning the Hard Way Passive It enhances base damage when fighting Xindi-Aquatic hostiles.
Polarized Hull Passive This ability deflects 9 shots from every Xindi-Aquatic weapon. These weapons generally fire 10 shots, so with this ability, you can reduce it to 1.
Long Road Ahead Active It temporarily reveals the depths of deep space, allowing players to view systems for a short period of time. You can therefore inspect Deep Space without a ship (for being physically present).

PIC Hugh

The NX-01 Refinery allows gamers to collect character shards for the powerful officer, Pic Hugh. Similar to other offices in STFC, he has various abilities that you can use to your advantage. The table below lists his abilities:

Type Name Description
Captain Ability Not applicable This officer does not have a Captain’s Maneuver. Assigning him as the captain of a ship provides no benefit.
Officer Ability Plan for the Future PIC Hugh increases the amount of raw Ore, Crystal and Gas collected while mining with any ship by a specific percentage. This occurs without draining the mining node faster.
Below Decks Ability Reclaiming Lives At the beginning of every round in battle, Hugh repairs a specific amount of hull damage taken in the previous round of combat.

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