STFC: NX-01 Crew

Scopely recently added the Enterprise NX-01 to STFC and to enhance its capabilities, you have to assign the correct crew to it

A new ship called the Enterprise NX-01, was added to Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) on Tuesday, 6 February 2024. Unfortunately, this vessel is only available to players who have reached level 40.

When you have constructed the ship, you can use it to defeat Xindi hostiles in numerous systems. However, before you can send your NX-01 to fight opponents, you have to assign a crew to the vessel.

Although you can assign any crew to the vessel, it is not advised. This is because some crews have the ability to enhance the ship’s capabilities while other crews hinder the NX-01’s effects.

You therefore have to make a strategic decision about which crew you want to assign to the vessel, but fortunately, there are multiple options.

The crews listed below are particularly favorable for the Enterprise NX-01:

  • Archer, Tucker, Janeway with either Ent-E Picard or Data: Isolytic Boosts
  • Archer, Tucker, PIC Beverly: Lean in on the critical damage boosts from Archer
  • Archer, Tucker with 5 of 11: Lean in on loot boosting
  • Archer, Tucker and Khan: I place of Hugh, Khan will quickly improve your critical rate
  • Archer, Tucker with either Gorkon or Lorca: Hull Breach means more damaging from the crits

As you can see, Archer should be assigned to the NX-01’s captain’s chair as he has amazing abilities which will be very beneficial during a fight against the Xindi.

Although Tucker does not have a captain’s ability, his officer ability is extremely powerful, which also makes him valuable for the NX-01.

STFC: NX-01 Crew
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Officer abilities

You can use any crew combination to enhance the NX-01’s capabilities, but as seen above, Tucker and Archer are crucial members of the crew. The  table below lists their abilities:

Officer Abilities
Jonathan Archer
  • Delphic Salvor (Captain Ability): Increases the number of resources that you get from destroying Xindi hostiles by 300%.
  • Faith of the Heart (Officer Ability): When you take damage from a hostile or another player, Archer increases your critical hit damage.
Trip Tucker
  • Things Blow Up (Officer Ability): When you take damage from an enemy, Tucker decreases your opponent’s critical damage by 50% for 2 rounds. However, it does not trigger Armadas or Assaults.
  • Hand in the Cookie Jar (Below Decks Ability): Increases the quantity of resources that you get from destroying Hirogen and Species 8472 by 30%.

Archer and Shran Trivia – SMS

The Archer and Shran Trivia – SMS event began on Friday, 2 February 2024 and it will conclude on Sunday, 11 February 2024.

During this time, players must answer a set number of questions to earn rewards. If you participate in this event, you can earn character shards for Archer, but you have to answer the questions correctly:

Question Possible answers Correct answer
What was the name of Shran’s first child?
  • A: Dax
  • B: Talla
  • C: Shroud
  • D: Kim
  • B: Mine 10 000 Parsteel
What caused Shran’s burns as an adolescent?
  • A: Engine Explosion
  • B: Radiation
  • C: Ice-Borgs
  • D: Rugburn
  • C: Defeat 20 hostiles

How to construct the NX-01

Before you can assign a crew to the NX-01, you have to construct the vessel. As previously mentioned, only players level 40 and higher can add the ship to their collection.

Players who meet this requirement can procure 1 or 2 NX-01 blueprints daily from the Ex-Borg Store.

If you are interested in unlocking the ship completely, you can head to the “Offers” tab. That being said, you may have to spend real money to completely unlock the ship.

It is worth noting that it is not mandatory to spend money to unlock the ship as you can add the ship to your collection for free by claiming the daily blueprints.

Long Road Ahead

Similarly to other vessels in STFC, the NX-01 has several abilities, one of which is Long Road Ahead. This active ability temporarily reveals the depths of deep space, and this allows you to view those systems for a short period.

You can therefore inspect Deep Space without requiring a ship to be physically present. This ability can be quite useful in Territory Capture, as you will be able to see into other systems.

To use this ability, you have to open the Galaxy Map and click on your NX-01 ship. While the vessel is selected, you can select a deep space system, which reveals a new button for Deep Space Reveal.

You will then have to confirm the use of NX-Collinear Arrays before the system will display an icon and a timer, which indicates how long you can view the system for.

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