STFC: New Core Missions

The Lower Decks II Part 2 update introduced various new core missions STFC players can complete if they meet the requirements.

As you progress in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you can encounter legendary Star Trek characters, vessels, hostiles and locations.

The game’s objective is to complete space-based missions to earn rewards. A recent update introduced new core missions for you to complete.

New Core Missions

On Tuesday, 3 October 2023, STFC’s developer, Scopely, released a new update for the game. The Lower Decks II Part 2 update introduced numerous new features for you to enjoy, including several new core missions.

At the time of writing this, only 3 new core missions have been identified, however, several players believe that additional core missions will be released in the near future.

Allegedly, the new core missions can be picked up in the Holodeck, and each core mission has certain requirements which much be met before you can accept them.

One of the new core missions is T’Ana, Her Face Green, which comprises 5 unique parts. To complete this mission chain, you have to travel to unique systems, destroy several enemies, collect items and donate resources.

T’Ana, Her Face Green is the first new core mission that players can complete, however an additional core mission, Perfect Results, was recently released.

Similarly to T’Ana, Her Face Green, Perfect Results consists of 5 parts, each of which requires that you complete unique objectives and tasks.

To complete Perfect Results, you have to donate and mine certain resources, check outposts, escape from opponents and protect civilians.

Another new core mission chain that you can complete is Temporal Cartography, which will allegedly become available on Thursday, 5 October 2023.


The new core missions consist of various parts and players will earn rewards for every part that they complete. The rewards that you can earn are listed below:

Core mission Rewards
T’Ana, Her Face Green
  • Doctor T’Ana
  • 3-star Explorer Parts
  • Shaxs
  • Dilithium
  • 3-star Interceptor Parts
  • Alonzo Freeman
  • Parsteel
  • 3-star Battleship Parts
  • Titanium
  • Common Refined Ore
  • Officer XP
  • 4-hour Assignment Speed Up
Perfect Results
  • Alonzo Freeman
  • Dilithium
  • Doctor T’Ana
  • Parsteel
  • Tritanium
  • Shaxs
  • Premium Recruit Tokens
  • 12-hour Assignment Speed Up
  • Raw materials
  • Latinum
  • Recruit Tokens
Temporal Cartography
  • Officer Experience Points
  • Parsteel
  • Repair Speed Up
  • Ship XP
  • Explorer Parts
  • Tritanium Tokens

T’Ana, Her Face Green

As previously mentioned, the T’Ana, Her Face Green quest consists of several parts, each with unique objectives. The following table lists the tasks that you have to complete for each part:

T’Ana, Her Face Green Part Objectives
  • Deliver Kayshon, T’Ana and Tendi to Sigma Tama IV
  • Defeat hostiles level 25 or higher
  • Inspect the laboratory
  • Donate Parsteel
  • Check on Kayshon
  • Return to T’Ana
  • Reach Starbase 74
  • Collect Blood Samples
  • Calm down the Tamarians
  • Collect T’Ana’s blood sample
  • Return to Starbase 74
  • Find the head of the Medical Department
  • Get the signature
  • Find Timmy
  • Donate Tritium
  • Return Timmy’s signature to Major Blonski
  • Bring the signed paper to Korhonen
  • Tell T’Ana the news
  • Return to StarBase 74
  • Donate resources
  • Follow the courier
  • Disable the ship
  • Get to the Syndicate’s lab
  • Help Tendi
  • Distract the Orions
  • Help Kayshon
  • Deliver the vaccine

Perfect Results

To earn the above-mentioned rewards, you have to complete all 5 parts of the Perfect Results mission chain. The objectives of each part are as follows:

Perfect Results Part Tasks
  • Reach the warehouse with the holopods
  • Donate Latinum
  • Mine Raw Gas
  • Find the source of the distress signal
  • Defeat the Klingons
  • Restart the simulation
  • Mine Latinum
  • Return the resources
  • Check the first outpost
  • Check the second outpost
  • Report to the base
  • Disable the guards’ ship
  • Reach the Cerritos
  • Stop the Pakled ship
  • Donate Tritanium
  • Escape from the Pakleds
  • Follow the distress signal
  • Find the ship
  • Defeat the first ship
  • Vanquish the second vessel
  • Protect the civilians
  • Reach Black Mountain
  • Defeat the guards
  • Protect Boimler
  • Talk to Cosmic Koala
  • Get rid of the evidence

Temporal Cartography

STFC players should note that this mission chain will only become available on Thursday, 5 October 2023. Fortunately, the objectives for all the parts have been released:

Temporal Cartography Part Tasks
  • Investigate the newly detected Progenitor ruin
  • Interface with the ruin’s systems
  • Defeat hostiles
  • Flee from the Origin Sector
  • Vanquish the pursuer
  • Enter Tholian territory
  • Make contact with the Tholian Assembly
  • Aid the Trill in suppressing the rebellion
  • Defeat the Trill rebel
  • Push back the Trill rebels
  • Help the symbiont
  • Return to the Tholian Assembly
  • Enter Breen territory
  • Make contact with the Breen Confederacy
  • Contact the Bolians
  • Pursue and identify the attacker
  • Defeat hostiles
  • Provide intel on the attacker’s identity
  • Return to your station
  • Make contact with the Yridian smugglers in Nott
  • Trade Dilithium
  • Return to your Station
  • Assault the forces guarding the Progenitor ruin
  • Defeat hostiles
  • Access the Progenitor ruin
  • Meet with the Corvallen and Suliban forces
  • Decide who will control the ruin

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