STFC: New Borg systems

STFC recently added new Borg systems, however it is advised that only mid-game and endgame players attempt to defeat them.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) gamers can encounter iconic characters from the classic Star Trek series. The game is set in a vast open galaxy, in which gamers can explore star systems, collect officers, construct ships, and expand your fleet.

STFC’s developer, Scopely, recently announced update 51, which introduces several new activities and features to the game that you can enjoy. Players can now explore new Borg systems.

What is the Borg?

The Borg is a silent menace, which is lurking in the dark. The reason for their return to STFC is undetermined.

Most players are wise enough to keep their distance, but for some, the risk is worth it. The Borg has taken over specific systems in STFC, and it is up to you to defeat them.

As you advance in STFC, you will have to complete a mission that requires that you defeat Borg enemies. The Borg enemies have varying levels and therefore, you have to defeat the enemies whose levels correspond  to your level.

It is recommended that you do not attempt to vanquish Borg enemies whose levels are higher than yours.

STFC: New Borg systems

Update 51, which was released on Tuesday 7 February 2023, introduces several new features to STFC. After the update, players can now explore new Borg Systems. However, these Borg systems contain enemies between levels 36 and level 60.

Early game players are advised to avoid these enemies as they are extremely powerful. Instead, you can focus on the Borg systems that have low level enemies.

The table below lists the new Borg systems as well as the level of Probes that they feature:

System name Probe level
Jovia 58
Solus Ynestri 54
Baley 52
Rhaela 50
Cannz 48
Moxidar 46
Torvadyna 44
Frirab 42
Ru Sema 40
Ru Vazin 38
Kallidin 37
Solus Daevun 36

In order to travel to these systems, you have to acquire Transwarp Cells. Players can procure this item from a chest in the gift section every 22 hours. However, you can only claim Transwarp Cells if you have built the Vi’dar.

You cannot go from one Borg system to another Borg system as they are not connected. You therefore have to use a Transwarp Cell to travel to a system. If you want to leave a system and enter a new one, you need to use a Transwarp Cell again.

Players can carry up to 8 Transwarp Cells at a time. If you have reached the maximum capacity, you can no longer collect additional cells. In this case, you should use some of your Cells before you can collect more.

What to expect in a new Borg system

Similarly to other Borg systems, you will find enemies in the new Borg systems. However, these enemies are known as Probes. Once you have defeated a Probe, you will receive a unique resource called Inert NanoProbes.

An Inert NanoProbe can be refined in your  “Refinery” tab. Players can either refine it to Active NanoProbes or Charged NanoProbes. Active NanoProbes are used to promote Borg officers while Charged NanoProbes can be used on the Vi’dar.

You may have to defeat several Probes in the new Borg systems before you can refine Inert NanoProbes.

What is the Vi’dar?

The Vi’dar Talios is an Anti-Borg ship that was recently introduced to STFC. Although you can use the ship for most battle situations, it is predominantly used to fight off the Borg Tactical Probes.

Before you can build the ship, your operation has to be on level 35, and you need a tier 9 Vi’dar ship. If you meet the requirements, you can complete the They Have Adapted quest.

The first part of the mission is currently available while the second part will only unlock later in February of 2023. If you complete the mission, you will receive enough blueprints to construct the ship.

STFC: Vi’dar Talios
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In order to defeat the Probes in the new Borg systems, you have to construct the Vi’dar Talios. This is because it features a limited-time buff called Foreknowledge. This buff automatically activates when you have destroyed a Borg Sphere.

However, the buff is only active for 1 hour and it does not stack. This means that if you defeat another Borg Sphere while the buff is already active, the timer will reset.

With this buff active, there is a great chance that you will vanquish the Probes in the new Borg systems.

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