STFC: Nebula Shield

Players can either acquire a Nebula Shield in STFC by purchasing a package or by claiming the Nebula Chase Chest.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) invites players to build and customize a powerful fleet, recruit iconic characters and experience strange new worlds. The game’s developer, Scopely, regularly hosts in-game events for players to enjoy.

When an event is active, you can obtain items in the Event Store and one of these items  is the Nebula Shield.

STFC: Nebula Shield

The introduction of the Nebula Shield has left players quite confused as they are unsure of how to acquire the item and what it should be used for.

YouTuber, Rev Deuce, recently revealed that players can obtain the Nebula Shield by going to the “Offers” menu and selecting the Nebula Shield option.

Although this package costs approximately $19.99, it contains a wide range of items. By purchasing the pack, you will receive Latinum, Multiphasic Credits, Recruit Tokens and a guaranteed Nebula Shield.

However, if you go to your officers menu and select the recruit option, you will notice the Nebula Chase Chest.

Players can claim this chest for free, but keep in mind that this feature has a cooldown. This prevents players from claiming the chest every few minutes.

When you claim the chest, there is a chance that you could obtain an Aurora Gem or a Nebula Shield. After claiming the chest, you can go to the Event Store and decide what you want to invest in.

STFC: Nebula Shield
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Nebula Shield investment

In the Event Store, you can use your Nebula Shields to invest in the Nebula feature. By investing your Nebula Shield, you are guaranteed to receive 200 Rare Armada Directives and 200 Dominion Solo Armada Directives.

Keep in mind, however, that there is a limit on how many times you can use your Nebula Shield to get Armada Directives. Armada Directives are used to start Armada battles. By participating in the fight, you could earn rich rewards.

Aurora Gems

STFC players who use the Nebula Chase Chest to receive Nebula Shields should note that there is a chance that they could obtain an Aurora Gem instead of a Nebula Shield.

When you receive an Aurora Gem, you can open the Event Store and click the Aurora Gem Claim menu.

In the new menu, you can claim 376 Syndicate XP items, which will help you with the current in-game event that revolves around Syndicate XP.

Should you purchase the Nebula Shield package?

Gamers should remember that it is not mandatory to purchase the Nebula Shield package. You can procure a Nebula Shield for free from the Nebula Chase Chest, but keep in mind that it is not guaranteed.

However, by purchasing the package, you are guaranteed to obtain a Nebula Shield.

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