STFC: Monaveen

STFC recently released update 58, which introduced a new ship known as the Monaveen, however, only players level 40 and higher can construct it.

Players can test their tactical abilities in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command. To progress in the game, gamers have to recruit officers, complete space-based missions and construct a variety of vessels.

Scopely, the game’s developer, recently announced that players can procure a new ship called The Monaveen.

STFC: Monaveen

On Tuesday, Scopely released the patch notes for update 58, which is also referred to as Lower Decks II Part 1. This update introduced new officers, new missions and a new ship to the game.

The Monaveen is a battleship designed to capture the captivating combination of the ‘’fantasy meets science fiction’ aesthetic inspired by the Monaveen in Lower Decks.

STFC: Monaveen
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Unfortunately, this ship can only be built by Commanders between level 40 and level 60.

This is because it contains a tiered system with at least 12 locks, which are aligned with specific level ranges. One grade lock, for instance, requires a minimum Ops level of 51.

Players will get various benefits for building the Monaveen, therefore, we recommend that you construct the ship as soon as possible if you meet the requirements.

After building the vessel, you will be able to upgrade it to enhance its abilities even more.

Monaveen’s abilities

The vessel features a unique ability which enhances base damage against the new hostiles introduced with update 58.

This capability empowers the Monaveen with unparalleled strength against the Texas-class as it outclasses the capabilities of all other ships.

It also possesses a brand new risk VS reward gameplay mechanic which requires that players lower their Peach Shields if they wish to engage with the new high-reward hostiles.

Keep in mind, however, that you can let revenge hostiles target the Texas-class hostiles without lowering your peace shield.

Benefits of constructing the Monaveen

By constructing and deploying the Monaveen, you will receive various resources, including Parsteel, Dilithium and Tritanium, which is unmatched by any other game element.

These rewards start from the initial tier and are tiered according to your level and the tier of the ship in the Queen’s Favor exchanges.

This means that even if your Monaveen is at tier 1, you will receive rewards which correspond to your current level. As you increase the Monaveen’s tier and your level, you will receive even greater benefits.

This new feature establishes a consistent resource accumulation method. STFC players can choose resources which align with their current needs.

Upgrading the Monaveen

Once you have constructed the Monaveen, you can start upgrading it to enhance its capabilities. You have to participate in the Monaveen game loop and exchange bundles to upgrade the vessel.

In addition to resources, you will receive Regal Geodes, which is a new currency that is used to unlock the new research associated with the Monaveen.

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