STFC: Monaveen Territory

STFC Alliances can capture Monaveen Territories during season 2 of Territory Capture to purchase Monaveen Blueprints.

On Saturday, 20 January 2024 Star Trek Fleet Command announced season 2 of the very popular game mode, Territory Capture. Even though this season will follow the same principle as the first season, Scopely made a few changes.

The Season 2 announcement revealed that the Monaveen Construction Yard is now also a T2 service in specific territories.

The Monaveen Construction Yard allows players to purchase Monaveen Blueprints for Iso-Emulsion in the Territory store once a week. Unfortunately, only Commanders level 39 and higher are able to purchase the Monaveen blueprints.

STFC: Monaveen Territory
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In order to be able to purchase the Monaveen blueprints, your Alliance has to capture a territory in which the Monaveen Construction Yard can be found. Alliances can therefore capture Zhian, Roshar, Hoobishan or Avansa.

However, you can also find the Monaveen Construction yard in Vantar, Burran, Hrojost and Brijac. Alliances can also capture Abilakk, Brimasa, Tezera and Duportas to purchase Monaveen blueprints from the Territory Store.

On the official STFC Discord channel, a Commander known as Collateral Damage mentioned that if you are a high enough OPS level and your Alliance has captured a Territory with the Monaveen Construction Yard, you will be able to purchase the Monaveen blueprints.

However, your Alliance needs to activate the Monaveen Construction Yard feature before you can purchase the Monaveen blueprints.

Monaveen Build Cost

Once you have 200 Monaveen Blueprints, you can construct the vessel, which you need a variety of materials to build. The quantities of materials required to build the Monaveen are outlined in the table below:

Material Quantity
4-Star Common Refined Crystal 3000
4-Star Common Refined Ore 10 000
Dilithium 3 million
Tritanium 30 million

After building the Monaveen, you can assign Officers to it to vanquish enemies and mine resources. We recommend that you regularly upgrade the ship to enhance its abilities and statistics.


As previously mentioned, Commanders can purchase blueprints for the Monaveen in exchange for Iso-Emulsion. This resource can be procured by refining Isogen, which can be mined from the systems in the Territory Capture areas.

The season 2 announcement revealed that all Isogen mining nodes inside of territory have had their amounts increased by 2.5 times. However, for  these changes to reflect, the current available nodes must be depleted of Isogen.

Although you can use any vessel to mine Isogen in the territories, the Meridian specializes in mining Isogen, as it gives you a huge bonus.

However, this vessel’s main problem is its small cargo size, therefore, we recommend that you move your base closer to its location to efficiently mine it.

How to unlock Territory Capture

Players can unlock the Territory Zones through a simple chest, which you can find in your “Gifts” section. You have to keep an eye out for the “Unlocking the Origin Sector” bundle as well as the “Origin Sector” missions, which serve as a guide.

Keep in mind that you need to meet specific requirements to unlock and travel to the Origin Sector, in which the Territory Capture takes place.

Only STFC players level 15 and higher with ships that have a warp range of 20 can unlock the Origin Sector.

Furthermore, you have to be part of an Alliance to join the activity. This is because the Territory Capture is not a solo mode, and you will need to coordinate with other Commanders to successfully capture a zone.

How to perform a Takeover

It is noteworthy that every zone has a scheduled takeover time during which your Alliance can sign up to join that zone’s takeover and score points.

To successfully capture a zone, your Alliance has to score the most points while the takeover time is active.

If your Alliance is interested in capturing a territory with the Monaveen Construction Yard, your Alliance has to sign up for the takeover. When the takeover begins, you will have to score the most points to get ownership of that zone.

Once your Alliance has successfully captured the zone, you will receive numerous benefits, including Ownership Exclusive Housing, Mining and an array of services.

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