STFC: Mess Hall

The Mess Hall in STFC is quite a unique building, as its level is determined by your Total Crew Level instead of your ops level.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) gamers can enjoy iconic characters and ships from the classic Star Trek series. It is up to you to expand your fleet by building ships, recruiting officers, harvesting resources, and destroying enemies.

The game’s developer, Scopely, regularly updates the game to introduce new features to it. Update 52, which was introduced on 7 March 2023, added The Mess Hall to the game.

Why do video games receive updates?

All games, especially online video games, receive regular updates, which introduce new content to the game and fix known bugs. Developers add new content to  video games to ensure that the game does not become dull to gamers.

Moreover, developers want to ensure that you are having the best gaming experience, so they tend to resolve bugs and issues in the game through updates.

Although Scopely wants to ensure that STFC does not become monotonous, they also want to expand their player base by introducing exciting new features to the game.

STFC: Mess Hall

Update 52 of STFC introduced several new activities and features to the game. One of the new features you can enjoy is The Mess Hall, which provides a place for your Officers to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

STFC: Mess Hall
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Bear in mind that you can only unlock the Mess Hall once you have reached ops level 15. To construct this building, you need 100 Mess Hall Keys, which are distributed as a gift.

Once you have constructed the building, you will receive valuable buffs, namely Officer Statistics, Research Speed, and Tritanium Cost Efficiency for ship components, which will improve with upgrades.

Since the Mess Hall is a building in your fleet, you can upgrade it. In order to upgrade the Mess Hall, you need Replicator Rations.

Players can acquire free daily Replicator Rations through the “Gifts tab”, but additional Replicator Rations can also be found in the “Officers” tab.

Moreover, you also have to reach the respective Total Crew level. Keep in mind that the Mess Hall has 99 levels and the upgrades are not based on your ops level. The Total Crew Level is the sum total of all of your Officer levels.

For instance, if you have 100 officers and all are on level 10, your crew level is 1000. That being said, Fleet Commanders are not considered in the Total Crew Level calculations.

In order to increase your Total Crew Level, all you have to do is upgrade your Officers.

How to upgrade your Officers

Players can level up and promote their roster of Officers to increase their statistics and strengthen their ships. You can view an officer’s detail page by accessing their screen and selecting an officer portrait.

When you are viewing an officer, you can increase his or her level using officer experience points.

In order to promote your officer, you have to click on the “promote” button on an officer’s detail page. You can promote your officer when you have enough shards of that officer.

Keep in mind that you need to have enough resources to pay the promotion cost. Therefore, promoting an officer is not free, but increasing an officer’s level is free.

Requirements not met error

Once you have constructed the Mess Hall in STFC, you can upgrade the building to increase the buffs it provides. However, some players have revealed that they are unable to upgrade their Mess Hall because they have not met the necessary requirements.

The requirement you have to meet is : Starbase_module_-1_name. If you are experiencing this error message,  you should upgrade your client or update your game. The message will be resolved when you update your game.

Once you have updated your game, you will be able to upgrade your Mess Hall as normal.

Mess Hall levels

As previously explained, your Total Crew Level determines the level of your Mess Hall, but you should keep in mind that you need a specific quantity of resources to upgrade your Mess Hall.

The following table outlines the crew level requirement and the number of Replicator Rations required:

Mess Hall level Crew Level requirement Replicator Rations
1 150 100 Keys
5 170 1500 Keys
10 200 2100 Keys
15 250 2600 Keys
20 350 3200 Keys
25 500 3700 Keys

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