STFC: Mess Hall Keys

STFC players need approximately 100 Mess Hall Keys to build the Mess Hall, but the keys can only be acquired via the Gifts section.

You have to use your skills in strategy, diplomacy, combat and leadership to master the threatening universe of Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

As a commander of a starbase, you can construct vessels and recruit Officers to defeat a range of enemies in varied systems.

Mess Hall Keys

You can construct buildings in your base to help you progress in the game. Every building that you construct will have a unique objective, but keep in mind that you have to meet certain requirements before you can construct the buildings.

One of the buildings that you can construct is the Mess Hall and it provides a place where your Officers can relax and enjoy each other’s company. If you construct this building, it will provide your fleet with valuable buffs.

STFC: Mess Hall Keys
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This building only unlocks when you reach level 15, but to build it, you need to collect Mess Hall Keys. Commanders need approximately 100 Mess Hall Keys to build their Mess Hall in their starbase.

Unfortunately, the only way to acquire Mess Hall Keys is through the “Gifts” tab.

Once you reach level 15, you will be able to procure the Mess Hall Keys on a regular basis, however, several gamers have revealed that they cannot find the Mess Hall Keys in the Gift section.

If you are unable to collect the Mess Hall Keys, we recommend that you submit a support ticket to Scopely to notify them of the issue. We believe that Scopely will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Mess Hall buffs

Once you have enough Mess Hall Keys, you can construct the building to unlock numerous buffs. The amount of buffs that you receive is determined by the building’s level.

The following table lists the buffs you will receive:

Level Weapon Damage Bonus Component Tritanium Cost Efficiency Officer Stats Bonus Research Speed Bonus
10 21% 16% 23% 4%
20 43% 32% 47% 72%
30 85% 48% 94% 126%
40 127% 64% 140% 180%
50 192% 95% 211% 252%
60 276% 127% 304% 324%
70 383% 159% 421% 414%
80 595% 223% 655% 504%
90 808% 286% 889% 594%

 How long does it take to acquire 100 Mess Hall Keys

On the official STFC Discord channel, a player named  allthegoldt revealed that he is yet to acquire 100 Mess Hall Keys via the Gift Section and he is currently OPS 18.

This essentially means that he has leveled up 3 times and still cannot build the Mess Hall.

However, it is a known issue that players cannot find the Mess Hall Keys in the Gifts tab, which means that it may take you longer than intended to collect enough keys.

If you cannot find the Keys, we advise you to submit a ticket to Scopely to resolve the issue.

How to upgrade the Mess Hall

It is important that you upgrade your Mess Hall on a regular basis to increase the buffs it provides. To upgrade this building, you need to acquire Replicator Rations and you need to reach the respective Total Crew Level.

You can upgrade your Mess Hall to level 99, but keep in mind that the upgrades are not determined by the Ops level.

Players can claim Replicator Rations for free through the Gifts tab, however, additional Replicator Rations can be acquired in the “Offers” tab.

The Total Crew Level refer to the total of all your Officer levels. For instance, if you have 100 Officers and they are all at level 10, your crew level is 1000. To increase your Total Crew Level, you simply have to upgrade your officers.

Players should note that Fleet Commanders are not considered for the Total Crew Level calculations.

Upgrading an Officer

Before you can upgrade your Mess Hall, you need to reach the respective Total Crew Level, which can be done by upgrading your Officers.

To upgrade your officers, you can increase their levels and promote them to enhance their capabilities.

Players can also increase an Officer’s level by using Officer Experience Points. To promote an officer, you can select the “Promote” tab on the Officer detail page.

STFC Commanders can promote an Officer when they have enough shards of that Officer and enough resources to pay the promotion cost.

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