STFC: Merry Men Code

STFC Commanders believe that the Merry Men promo code is an April Fool’s prank, however, you can claim Trial Bells as well as an April Fool’s frame.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) players can follow a variety of arcs while completing exciting in-game events to earn an abundance of awards.

Some of the events that you can enjoy are Merry Men Unite and A Merry Fool, both of which require that you complete unique tasks.

Merry Men Unite – ALB requires that players participate in the Wave Defense activity to earn points.

The number of points you accumulate determines the rewards that you will earn. A Merry Fool, on the other hand, invites players to help their Alliance to complete the event.

While completing the event, you have to check your inbox to find out why Picard rejected Q’s Gift, and you will also receive a special promo code.

To help your Alliance, you have to contribute resources and help your Alliance members reduce their timers on their construction.

If you contribute resources, you will receive 10 points and if you help your Alliance members, you will receive 4 points.

The number of points you earn will determine the rewards you receive, which essentially means that the more points you earn, the more rewards you will receive.

Once you have helped your Alliance, you will receive the mail in your mailbox with the promo code.

Commanders can enter the promo code on the official STFC website, but keep in mind that you have to log into your Scopely account to enter the promo code.

STFC: Merry Men Code
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On the official STFC Discord server, several Commanders have revealed what happened after they entered the promo code.

The website automatically displays the “Maintenance” page, which indicates that the page you are looking for is currently under maintenance and will return to its original state in the near future.


If you complete ‘A Merry Fool – SMS’ and ‘Merry Men Unite – ALB’, you will receive an abundance of rewards, some of which include:

Name Description
Parsteel Parsteel is the main source for constructing buildings in your base. It is quite easy to obtain, and it is used in almost every stage of the game.
Uncommon and Common Refined Ore Players can use Ore to upgrade their ships and  buildings. However, it can also be used to complete research and unlock new technology.
Parsteel Token Commanders can use this token to obtain a specific amount of Parsteel. You should keep in mind that players can steal your Parsteel once you have used the token.

Is the promo code an April Fool’s joke?

Seeing as every Commander only reaches the Maintenance website after entering the promo code, they believe that this is Scopely’s April Fool’s prank on their players.

On the official STFC Discord server, it was revealed that no one was able to use the promo code to claim a special gift.

That being said, Scopely revealed on Monday, 1 April 2024 that the promo code is extremely popular, and the website was not able to handle the amount of traffic that it got, which has caused the website to crash.

The developer announced that the issue is currently being worked on and that they will keep players updated on its progress.

Since this announcement was made on April Fool’s day, players are still skeptical, however, Discord Moderator, Cand1e revealed that the promo code is not an April Fool’s prank and that players really will receive a gift when using the promo code.

What is the promo code?

As previously mentioned, you will only receive the promo code once you have completed A Merry Fool’s objectives. To claim the rewards, you have to enter the code, “merryfoolsday”, on the official STFC website.

However, the website is currently experiencing several problems, but fortunately, Scopely is addressing the issue and will launch the website as soon as the problem is resolved.

We recommend that you check the website regularly to see if the issue has been resolved.


Some players have been able to claim the rewards by entering the promo code on the STFC website. However, since the website is currently experiencing issues, we recommend that you check it regularly to see when the website is active.

After signing into your Scopely account, you can enter the promo code and claim your rewards. Every player will receive the April Fool’s frame as well as 100 Trial Bells, which can be used in Q’s Trial.

Seeing as the event will conclude on Tuesday, 2 April 2024, we recommend that you enter the promo code as soon as possible to earn the limited-time rewards from the event.

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