STFC: Magnetic Plasma

Magnetic Plasma in STFC can only be harvested by a Starbase, which is an Alliance-exclusive ship.

In this popular role-playing game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), players can build ships, mine various resources, explore star systems, and complete missions.

Since STFC follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic series, Star Trek, you can engage with iconic characters from the series in the game. Moreover, you can encounter similar regions and storylines as those in the series.

When you start playing STFC, you will only get access to a single ship and a space station. In order to procure additional ships, you have to follow the main story arc.

In addition to completing the main quest line, you can gather resources, defeat enemies, and join alliances. One of the resources that you can acquire is Magnetic Plasma, but you have to be part of an Alliance to harvest it.

How to become part of an Alliance

Just like in other role-playing titles, STFC has a guild feature called Alliances. A guild, in general, requires its members to cooperate with each other to progress in the game while simultaneously developing friendships.

Alliances may seem like an insignificant aspect, however, it is an essential part of the game. To become part of an Alliance, you have to unlock the guild feature by advancing in the game.

After gaining access to it, you can open the Alliance menu by clicking on the Alliance icon in the home screen. In the menu, you can inspect a list of available Alliances.

Keep in mind that you have to apply to become a member of a specific Alliance. If the Alliance leader or officers think that you are a suitable candidate, they will accept your application.

STFC: Alliance Reputation
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STFC: Magnetic Plasma

Being part of an Alliance has several benefits, such as having access to exclusive activities and events. The game’s developer, Scopely, recently introduced a new Alliance activity called the Starbase. It’s worth noting that the Starbase has to be constructed before players can use it.

Players can use their Alliance Starbase to farm resources, including Magnetic Plasma. In order to harvest Plasma, the Alliance must relocate their Starbase to an available Plasma Storm. You can only harvest Plasma if you have the appropriate type of Plasma Harvesters built on the Starbase.

In other words, you have to construct Magnetic Plasma Harvesters in order to farm Magnetic Plasma. Once deployed, the

Harvesters farm Plasma at a fixed rate, which is determined by their level. Your Starbase can only collect a fixed amount of Plasma from a Plasma Storm before it must be relocated.

There are numerous Magnetic Plasma Storms in STFC, however, not all of them will be active. You can find Magnetic Plasma Storms in the following locations:

System Level System name
  • Rator
  • P’Jem
  • Morska
  • Sahqooq
  • Parka
  • Nurnias
  • Noakyn
  • Lloyd
  • Jaq
  • H’Atoria
  • Galorndon Core
  • Emie
  • Elequa
  • Doloran
  • Ascher
  • Ulrich
  • Tullias
  • Tandorian
  • Sinisser
  • Robeton
  • May’Lang
  • Lipig
  • Lempo
  • Inari
  • Ebisu
  • Barklay
  • Izanagi
  • Aiti
  • Ferrer
  • Kaisu
  • Kavka
  • Pekka
  • Tau Ceti
  • Argentomea
  • Siiolux

Once the harvest has been completed, an appropriately-ranked Alliance member, such as a Commodore, has to collect the harvested Magnetic Plasma from the Harvester. Collecting the Plasma will transfer it into the Alliance Inventory.

How to build a Starbase

In order to construct the Starbase, Alliance members have to farm Cardassian Armadas to acquire Subspace Superconductors.

The initial build requires approximately 15 625 Subspace Superconductors. However, you also need to purchase bundles from the Alliance Store to procure the required resources for the Starbase.

Once the Alliance has the materials, an Admiral or a Commodore can build the Alliance Starbase, either by selecting an empty Plasma Storm, or by selecting the Starbase card in the Alliance user interface.

How to relocate an Alliance Starbase

Before you can harvest Magnetic Plasma, the Alliance has to relocate the Starbase. It can be relocated to any Plasma Storm in the galaxy that is available. However, this action can only be performed by the Admiral or the Commodore of the Alliance.

STFC players should bear in mind that relocating the Starbase requires the Alliance to spend the appropriate amount of Alliance Reserves. Every time you move the Starbase, Alliance Reserves will be deducted from your Alliance Inventory.

Magnetic Plasma uses

Allegedly, Magnetic Plasma can only be used to upgrade the Starbase. The better the Starbase is, the more Plasma it can harvest, and the more benefits players will get. It is thus advisable that players upgrade their Starbase as soon as they possibly can.

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