STFC: Legacy Reel

STFC players are now able to celebrate their achievements and share their stories with fellow Commanders with the release of Legacy Reels.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is a thrilling video game which invites gamers to command their own fleet.

You have to complete space-based missions, recruit officers, explore an expansive galaxy and build ships to advance in the game.

Legacy Reel

On Thursday, 5 October 2023, STFC announced the Commander’s Legacy Reel. This stunning personalized stats video offers players a glimpse into their STFC legacy.

The announcement also explained that this reel is crafted to showcase your most epic accomplishments in the game.

So players can use this opportunity to celebrate their achievements and share their stories with fellow Commanders.

To view your Legacy Reel, you need to meet certain requirements, namely, Commanders must be at least level 25. This is to ensure that you have journeyed far enough into the game and have a rich history worth celebrating.

Additionally, you need to have a Scopely account associated with your Star Trek Fleet Command profile. Lastly, you need to maintain an active presence in the STFC universe by having logged in at least once in the last 30 days.

This ensures that your Legacy Reel will be up to date and reflective of your latest adventures. If you meet these requirements, there are certain steps that you have to complete to receive your Legacy Reel.

Commanders must check their email for their legacy reel email, which will take you directly to your Reel.

You can then share your Legacy Reel with friends, alliance members and fellow Commanders.

You can share your Legacy Reel on the official STFC social and community platforms to win rich rewards. Winners will be selected at random to win both in- and out-of-game items.

STFC: Legacy Reel
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Win with your Legacy Reel

After viewing your reel, you can share it on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to win rich rewards.

Commanders can also go to the official STFC Discord channel and post their Legacy Reel on the #Share-your-legacy channel to win rewards.

The rewards that you can win by sharing your Legacy Reel are outlined below:

Winners Rewards
Grand Winner The Commander that wins this prize will be able to sit down with the STFC art team and work on a custom avatar which will live inside STFC
9 Winners These players will win all Swag items, including a VIP Box, 3D printed ship, a hoodie, shirt, pin and sticker
10 Winners 10 Commanders will win a ship, a VIP Box and a Pin
10 Winners These players will win a shirt, a hoodie and a sticker

STFC Legacy

Sharing your Legacy Reel on social media and community platforms will enter you into the Legacy Reel competition.

However, it is crucial that you use #stfclegacy in your post to ensure that the game’s developers, Scopely, can see your reel.

Scopely, will keep track of all posts made with this hashtag and they will use it to choose the winners of the competition.

If you do not use the hashtag, you will not be entered into the competition as the developers will not see your post.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that your post, along with the hashtag, is public. If your accounts are private, Scopely will not be able to view your Legacy Reel and, in turn, you will not be entered into the competition.


Similarly to every other STFC competition, the Legacy Reel competition has several rules that must be followed in order to enter. To

be eligible for this competition, you need to have a Scopely account. If you do not have a Scopely account, we recommend that you create an account and link your STFC profile to it before you enter the competition.

To win the grand prize, you have to be residing in the United States, however, for the other prizes, you must be residing in any area where a contest such as the Legacy Reel competition is allowed.

Commanders should bear in mind that if anyone is found to be using multiple accounts in an attempt to win several prizes, they will be disqualified and banned from all future STFC community events.

How to create a Scopely account

It is crucial that players have a Scopely account before entering the Legacy Reel competition. To create an account, open STFC and click on your account avatar in the top left corner.

After selecting the settings menu, select “General Settings” and click on “Sign In”.

Commanders then have to enter their email address and password before selecting “Register”. Once confirmed, you will be able to see that your account has been made and linked with your STFC profile.

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