STFC: Jellyfish brawl

In STFC, you need an ISS Jellyfish in your collection to access the Jellyfish brawl, but you can use other ships to complete the activity.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous mobile game in which you can immerse yourself in a fictitious space realm.

The game is based on the well-renowned series, Star Trek, so you will likely experience similar characters, storylines, and locations in the game as those seen in the franchise.

Before you can explore the vast world, you have to complete introductory missions. Once these are completed, you can access a single ship and a space station.

There are more than 10 ships that you can collect in STFC, and each one serves a unique purpose. One of the ships that you can acquire is the ISS Jellyfish, which can be used in the Jellyfish brawl.

How to construct the ISS Jellyfish

Before you can participate in the brawl, you have to build the ISS Jellyfish. Players need approximately 120 blueprints, which they can obtain from the ISS Jellyfish Pursuit Event. Alternatively, you can get blueprints from the Territory Capture Service or from Epic Armada Chests.

Once you have successfully constructed the ISS Jellyfish, you have to upgrade its components. Before you start, you should do as much research as possible to reduce your research costs.

The ISS Jellyfish has 7 upgradeable components, including energy weapons, cargo bay, warm engine, shield, impulse engine, and armour.

Bear in mind that every upgrade requires specific resources and materials. The higher the component’s level, the more resources its upgrade requires.

STFC: Jellyfish brawl
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STFC: Jellyfish brawl

STFC has an array of activities and occasional events that you can enjoy, and one of the monthly events you can partake in is the Jellyfish brawl. For this activity, players have to defeat enemies in a specific star system, with the ISS Jellyfish.

In other words, you can only participate in this activity if you have the ISS Jellyfish in your collection. Moreover, you have to at least be on level 39 to enjoy the Jellyfish brawl.

Though it is called the Jellyfish brawl, STFC players should note that it is not a player-versus-player activity. To be successful in this feature, you have to defeat non-player ships in the specific star system.

Keep in mind that the star system where the brawl will take place will only be announced when the feature is active.

That being said, there is no schedule for when the brawl activity will occur, but it takes place monthly. If you are interested in participating in the activity, it is recommended that you check when it will occur regularly.

STFC: Jellyfish brawl
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Generally, the brawl is active for 2 days in a month, however, there is a possibility that it could be twice a month. If you are level 39, it is advisable that you procure the ISS Jellyfish as soon as possible to partake in the brawl.

After completing the brawl, you will earn various rewards, including materials and resources that you need to upgrade ships.

Does the ISS Jellyfish have abilities?

Similarly to other ships in STFC, the ISS Jellyfish has a unique ability called Imperial Might. This skill gains an additional 15 percent damage bonus at the beginning of every combat round. This bonus stacks with no limit, and it is always active.

You will thus benefit from the Imperial Might ability when you participate in the Jellyfish brawl activity. This means that you will spend less time defeating enemies during the brawl.

Keep in mind that the damage bonus increases as the ship reaches higher levels:

Level Damage bonus
1 15 percent
10 24 percent
20 34 percent
30 44 percent
40 54 percent
50 64 percent
60 74 percent

Does the ISS Jellyfish have to be repaired?

After a Jellyfish brawl, you may have to repair your ship, which can be quite expensive. Repairing a ship can take several days, and it requires a specific amount of resources, which is determined by its tier:

Tier Resources needed Time
  • 3 742 Tritanium
  • 30 000 Dilithium
1 Day 11 hours and 4 minutes
  • 9 006 Tritanium
  • 70 9000 Dilithium
2 Days 14 hours 37 minutes
10 5 Days 2 hours 28 minutes
  • 86 million Tritanium
  • 10 million Dilitihim
6 Days 6 hours 15 minute

Can you use other ships for the Jellyfish brawl?

It is crucial to note that the Jellyfish brawl only becomes available when you have the ISS Jellyfish. However, players do not need to use the ISS Jellyfish to deal damage to enemies during the brawl.

It is recommended that you use Epic ships, as they are more effective in the activity.

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