STFC: Isogen

One of the resources that you can mine in STFC is Isogen if your Alliance succeeds in the Takeover activity.

You can put your strategic abilities to the test in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), which follows the Kellin chronology of the classic series, Star Trek, and as such, you can discover well-renowned characters like Spock, Uhura, McCoy, and Kirk while advancing in the game.

Players have to complete introductory missions before they can explore the vast, open space realm. In addition to the main quest, you can partake in occasional events, defeat other players’ ships, unlock crew members, and harvest resources.

One of the resources that you can obtain is Isogen, however, your alliance first has to capture territory to get Isogen.

Takeover event

In 2020, STFC introduced a new Takeover activity with 2 main parts, namely taking over a territory and owning a territory. Alongside this activity, players can discover the Origin Sector, which is where Territory Capture will take place.

STFC: Isogen
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Every system is within a specific zone, which offers the Alliance that owns that zone multiple services. Every zone has a specific time once a week when its Takeover occurs. Takeovers can last 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Once a Takeover has begun, you can tap on the Zone that you want to participate in, pay the resource required, and prepare your Alliance. Everyone in the Alliance can partake in the Takeover activity.

STFC: Isogen

In order to capture a zone during Takeover, you have to score more points than other Alliances. Scores work across Zones, so if you score points in any system within a Zone, it contributes to that Zone’s Takeover. Your Alliance will successfully capture a Zone if you have scored the most points.

STFC: Isogen
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The winning Alliance will then be able to relocate their stations to the Zone, mine exclusive resources, and activate Services that the Zone offers. Once you have relocated to the Zone, you can start mining a resource called Raw Isogen.

Similarly to other resources in STFC, Raw Isogen is categorised into a range of tiers, each of which has different mining locations. The table below lists some of the locations from which you can harvest tier-1 Raw Isogen:

System Number of nodes
Klosi 25
Vemmi 25
Marzer 25
Valance 6
D0D-G 6
Kuzukoh 6

Although you can mine tier-1 Raw Isogen in systems that are close to the Origin Sector, you can only harvest higher tiers of the resources in the Origin Sector.

Once you have acquired Raw Isogen, you can open your Refinery to get Refined Isogen. Every time you refine Raw Isogen, you will receive a combination of personal resources as well as Alliance resources.

You can use the personal resources for your personal progression in the Territory Capture research tree, and Alliance resources can be used by your Alliance leader to strengthen your Alliance’s hold in the Origin Sector.

What ship should you use to mine Isogen?

Although you can use any ship to mine Isogen, the Meridian is considered the best Isogen harvester. This is because it gives you an enormous boost to Isogen mining.

STFC: Isogen
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Initially, you will get a 2000 percent bonus for Isogen. However, this bonus increases every time that you upgrade the ship. Once the ship has reached level 45, the Isogen bonus will increase to 4300 percent.

Constructing this ship will give players access to the ‘Iso-resin’ refinery, which provides you with a currency that you can use on the research nodes in the Territory Capture tree.

Personal resources

As previously mentioned, you can acquire different personal resources every time that you refine Raw Isogen.

Each personal resource that you acquire has a specific purpose in STFC. Progenitor Alloy can be refined further into another set of Alliance resources, namely, Progenitor Components.

Iso-Emulsion, on the other hand, can be used to upgrade your Territory Capture research tree, and to purchase items from the Territory Capture Store.

Players can access this store by opening the Alliance menu and selecting the Territory option. In the new menu, you can click on the store to discover which items are available for purchase.

Why can’t you mine Isogen?

If you are having trouble mining Raw Isogen, or you cannot find the Isogen that you mined, you should bear in mind that you first have to dock your ship to receive the Isogen.

If you are attempting to mine, and your ship is not engaging, it is recommended that you check if you are playing the latest version of the game.

Alternatively, you can restart the application. It is worth noting that the Isogen will not appear in your inventory. Instead, players can find their minded Isogen under the “Territory” tab of their inventory.

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