STFC: Information systems

The Sending Information event in STFC required that players travel to Information Systems, but several players were unsure of where they were.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an explorative mobile game that invites players to experience strategic battles.

In addition to the main storyline, you can participate in various events, one of which is Sending Information. In this event, players had to visit Information systems to score points.

STFC: Information systems

Scopely, STFC’s developer, frequently hosts in-game events to allow players to experience the game in a new, thrilling way. One of these events is Sending Information, which took place on Tuesday, 13 June 2023.

To earn points in this event, you had to travel to Information Systems and use the Hailing Frequencies feature. This caused some confusion amongst players, though, as they were unsure of what the Information Systems were.

STFC: Information systems
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According to the official Discord server, players had to go to the same system as that of the previous event, Trading Information, to earn points for Sending Information.

Although the Trading Information event concluded, you had to go to the same systems to complete the Sending Information event.

That being said, the systems that you had to travel to for Sending Information were determined by your level.

High-level players had to travel to systems that required a high warp range, while low level players had to travel to easily accessible systems.

Which systems are Information Systems?

The table below lists the Information Systems that gamers had to travel to during the Sending Information event:

Level Systems
Commanders level 35 and higher
Players between level 10 and level 34
  • Yridia
  • Tellun
  • Maluria
  • Risa

When you arrived in the system, you had to use the Hailing Frequency feature to ensure that you received points.

Hailing Frequencies

Hailing Frequencies were introduced with update 55, which was released in February 2023. This feature allows players to socialize with other commanders in an enjoyable way.

According to Scopely, Hailing Frequencies can enhance your personal experience and help you make new STFC memories.

With Hailing Frequencies, you can send various emotes to other players in real time to show peaceful intentions or to trick other players into an ambush.

How to acquire Hailing Frequencies

In order to score points during the Sending Information event, you had to procure Hailing Frequencies and use them in Information Systems.

STFC players can acquire and assign Hailing Frequencies from battle passes via the in-game store or by completing a range of in-game specific events.

If you did not have any Hailing Frequencies before the event, you would not have been able to score points, even if you traveled to the Information Systems.

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