STFC: How to use Trial Bells

Players can use Trial Bells to commence one of STFC’s new activities, Q’s Trials, but you have to be at least level 19 to enjoy the Trial.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an explorative video game that invites players to immerse themselves in a fictitious space realm.

The game is inspired by the classic series, Star Trek, so you are likely to encounter the same features in the game as those in the franchise. A recent update introduced Trial Bells to the game, however, players are unsure how to use them.

STFC: How to use Trial Bells

Update 54, which was released on Tuesday, 4 July 2023, introduced many new features to STFC.

You can now acquire Trial Bells, though some players are unsure about how to use them. Trial Bells are used to start a new activity in STFC – Q’s Trials.

To get access to Q’s Trials, players must construct the Court of Q. In order to build it, you have to acquire Court of Q Keys  in the Gift Section. That being said, you have to be at least level 19 to unlock the building.

Once you have constructed Q’s Court, you can procure Trial Bells from the daily gift section or by participating in specific events. If you are willing to spend real money in STFC, you can purchase additional Trial Bells from the “Offers” tab.

You need a specific number of Trial Bells to start a Trial. Keep in mind that your Trial Bells will be consumed when you enter the Trial.

If you fail the Trial, you will not be refunded. This means that you have to spend Trial Bells to try to complete the Trial again.

What is the objective of Q’s Trials?

Every Trial requires players to defeat a hostile before the timer runs out. The target is unique to each Commander, as Q will judge your worth on an unknown enemy.

You will either face an Explorer, a Battleship or an Interceptor, or you may have to slay a special hostile.

Once you have successfully completed a Trial, you will be rewarded with Protomatter. You can use this item to upgrade your Forbidden Tech.

Do the Trials increase in difficulty?

As the Trial Rank increases, the hostile also increases in power. Once you have conquered a trial, you can unlock new Trials to face more challenging targets. The only way to fail a Trial is by not vanquishing the target before the timer runs out.

If you struggle to complete a Trial, you should focus on increasing your vessel and your crew’s power before attempting the Trial again. Bear in mind that the following Trial will be even more difficult to complete.

STFC Database

STFC Database is a popular third-party website that revolves entirely around STFC. According to their website, players will receive Trial Bells every time they upgrade their Q’s Court, though this is yet to be confirmed by STFC.

We recommend that you upgrade Q’s Court regularly to see if the information on the STFC Database is correct, as it is not guaranteed.

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