STFC: How to start Q’s Trials

STFC players who have reached level 19 can test their abilities in Q’s Trials, but to access this activity, you have to build Q’s Court.

In this explorative video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) players can build vessels, mine resources, slay enemies and complete space-based missions.

STFC’s developer, Scopely, recently released update 56, which introduced Q’s Trials. But some players do not know how to start a Trial.

STFC: How to start Q’s Trials

Before you can fight a hostile in a Trial, you have to build Q’s Court, which requires Court of Q Key.

Players level 19 and higher can acquire their Court of Q Key in the Gift section of STFC. When you have built the Court, you will get access to the Trials.

When you commence a Trial, you may notice that the Trial requires a specific item to start. Players must procure Trial Bells to start a trial.

You can collect Trial Bells in the Daily Gift section and receive the item as a reward for participating in certain in-game events.

If you do not mind spending real money in STFC, you can purchase Trial Bells in the “Offers” tab. When you have enough Trial Bells, you can start a Trial by going to the Q’s Trial menu.

Unfortunately, players below level 19 cannot commence a Trial as they do not meet the requirements to construct Q’s Court.

STFC: How to start Q’s Trials
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What should you do during a Trial?

Every Trial features either an Interceptor, a Battleship or an Explorer that you have to slay before the timer runs out. That being said, Q will sometimes select a special enemy for you to vanquish, which is a different ship type.

We recommend that you click on the information icon before starting a trial to learn more about the enemy that you will face.

You can then prepare your crew and vessel accordingly before starting a Trial. You will fail the trial if you do not defeat the enemy before your time depletes.

How to unlock additional Trials

Players can unlock additional Trials by obtaining Seals of Approval for the next tier of Trials when you reach certain Milestones. For example, to unlock the 3-star Explorers Trial, you need a 3-star Seal of Approval: Explorers.

These Seals of Approval can be earned by completing the 2-star Trials for Battleships, Explorers and Interceptors. Furthermore, your Court of Q has to be a specific level in order to unlock any higher-value Trials.


Upon successfully completing a Trial, you will earn Protomatter. The amount of Protomatter that you receive depends on the Trial and the current level of your Court of Q building.

STFC players can use their Protomatter to upgrade their Forbidden Technology, which is able to transform your tier-2 and higher ships into even more powerful vessels.

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