STFC: How to start a Trial

To start a Trial in STFC, you have to build Q’s Court and procure Trial Bells, and you have to be level 19 to unlock the activity.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is a thrilling video game which invites players to test their strategic skills.

The game’s developer, Scopely, recently released the patch notes for update 56, which resolved various bugs in the game.

Furthermore, it introduced a new activity called Q’s Trials, however, some players are unsure about how to start a Trial.

STFC: How to start a Trial

Update 56 was released on Tuesday, 4 July 2023, and it introduced Q’s Court as well as Q’s Trials.

In order to start a Trial, you have to build Q’s Court, which requires Court of Q Keys. Players can acquire these keys in the Gift Section of the game.

Once you have built the Court, you can start a Trial, but unfortunately, you have to procure a specific number of Trial Bells to commence the activity.

You can acquire Trial Bells from the Daily Gift menu and by participating in specific events. Additionally, you can purchase Trial Bells in the “Offers” tab.

Players have to open the Q’s Trial menu to begin a Trial. Once you are in a Trial, you have to destroy a hostile ship before the timer runs out. If you successfully slay the enemy, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

STFC: How to start a Trial
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Who can start a Trial?

It is  worth noting that only players who have reached Operation Level 19 can construct Q’s Court. This means that you can only start a Trial if you are at least level 19.

It is believed that this requirement is due to the fact that the enemies in a Trial can be extremely difficult to defeat.

Low-level players’ fleets are not strong enough to vanquish the hostile during a Trial. If you are yet to reach level 19, it is advisable that you focus on the activities available to you.

Rewards for completing a Trial

Once you have completed a Trial, you will be rewarded with Protomatter, which can be used to upgrade your Forbidden Tech.

This new system transforms your ships which are tier-2 and above into powerful vessels. Keep in mind that you have to procure Fusion Rods to unlock a ship’s Forbidden Tech slot.

Currently, you cannot acquire Forbidden Tech and Protomatters elsewhere in STFC. Thus, we recommend that you complete as many Trials as possible to upgrade your ship’s technology.

Assessment Rank

As you complete Trials, you will gain Ranks and the highest Rank that you can reach is the Assessment Rank.

Every newly unlocked Trial has a higher maximum Rank value, which enables players to attain a higher rank Assessment Rank.

This Rank determines the chances of success when upgrading Forbidden Tech. Players should therefore strive to get it as high as possible.

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