STFC: How to get Vi’dar blueprints

You have to participate in Vi’dar events in order to obtain the Vi’dar’s blueprints, and STFC players have to collect 100 blueprints to construct the ship.

Gamers can test their tactical skills in this exhilarating mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic series, Star Trek, you will likely encounter similar ships, characters, and locations in the game as those in the series.

One of the ships that you can acquire is the Vi’dar, for which you need to obtain its blueprints in order to construct it.

Are ships important in STFC?

Ships are your primary means to explore the STFC galaxy, however, they also allow you to participate in battles. There are varying ships to acquire, including Interceptors, Explorers, Battleships, and Survey ships.

It is worth noting that Interceptors, Explorers, and Battleships have accompanying strengths and weaknesses. These ships should only be used in battles, but Survey ships, on the other hand, are designed to harvest resources on the world map.

During a battle, you will have a slight advantage if you choose the correct ship type. Battleships will always have an advantage over Explorers, which have an advantage over Interceptors. Furthermore, Interceptors have an advantage over Battleships.

STFC: How to get Vi’dar blueprints

The Vi’dar is generally used to fight off Borg Tactical Probes. Although the Vi’dar events and missions are available for players of different levels, you need a shipyard level of 25 or higher to build the ship.

You need to farm the Vi’dar’s blueprints in order to build the ship. The blueprints can be won through Borg-themed events.

Alternatively, you can also purchase Vi’dar packs from the in-game store. You can either purchase the full amount or half  of the blueprints required to build the ship.

The Borg’s description reads, “As the epic conflict between the three great factions continues and Independent commanders fight to carve out their own place among the stars, a new threat rises that will eclipse all others.”

There are several in-game events and missions that gamers have to participate in in order to receive Vi’dar’s blueprints.

Keep in mind that you generally have to achieve a certain ranking or complete a certain task for these events and missions to procure Vi’dar’s blueprints.

Borg events are generally active for an entire month and will run throughout each act of the seasonal arc. Every event has a series of milestones, which are unlocked by completing missions and activities.

Each milestone awards you with several rewards, including blueprints for the Vi’dar.

Once you have 100 Vi’dar blueprints and charged Nanoprobes, you can construct your Vi’dar. Keep in mind that your Vi’dar can be upgraded to the following tier, but this requires specific materials and requirements.

STFC: How to get Vi’dar blueprints
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Vi’dar’s tier requirements

The table below lists the tier requirements for the Vi’dar:

Tier Tritanium Dilithium Interceptor parts Charged Nanoprobes
1 700 000 20 000    
2 1.2 million 150 000 503 290
3 2.5 million 210 000 716 1430
4 4 million 300 000 1010 6420
5 8.4 million 410 000 1409 20 400
6 11.5 million 570 000 1954 60 000
7 25 million 799 000 2702 125 650
8 50 million 1.2 million 3720 241 760
9 86 million 2.2 million 4986 560 400

In addition to this, you need to farm Common and Uncommon Crystals as well as Common and Uncommon Gas.

How to get Meridian blueprints

The Meridian is another ship that you can construct in STFC. In order to build it, you have to get blueprints.

Players were able to acquire the blueprints for the ship shortly after its release, but now you have to wait until a battle pass arc is released to collect blueprints.

Alternatively, you can acquire Meridian’s blueprints from the event stores. We recommend that you check the stores regularly to see when the Meridian’s blueprints are for sale.

How to get Franklin-A

The Franklin-A is an upgraded version of the Franklin. You can unlock the Franklin-A by scrapping your normal Franklin to collect bonus materials.

These materials may vary, as they are determined by your Franklin’s level. A fully-levelled Franklin provides the Advanced Data Cores for a full set of Franklin-A’s blueprints.

The higher the level of your Franklin, the more Franklin Advanced Data Cores you will receive. For instance, if you have a Franklin between level 41 and 45, you will receive 200 Franklin Advanced Data Cores.

But if you have a Franklin between level 26 and 30, you will only get 25 Franklin Advanced Data Cores.

Where to find Enterprise blueprints

The Enterprise is a powerful ship and thus, numerous players are interested in building it. Blueprints for this ship can be earned by completing the Specialist mission.

Additional blueprints can be purchased from Faction store, Away Team store, and the “Offers” tab.

That being said, blueprints for the Enterprise occasionally drop from chests, which can be obtained by defeating level 48 to level 60 Federation enemies.

Where to get Franklin blueprints

In order to build the Franklin in STFC, you need to procure 90 blueprints, and your shipyard has to be on level 17 to begin the construction process. The cheapest way to get the Franklin is participating in the Franklin events, which take place regularly.

If you participate in these events, specifically a mining and hostile hunting event, you can get up to 45 blueprints for the Franklin. In this case, you only have to participate in 2 Franklin events to get enough blueprints to build the ship.

When to scrap Franklin

As previously explained, you can unlock the Franklin-A by scrapping your Franklin. In order to gain access to the first Franklin-A mission, you need to be above level 35.

Therefore, we recommend that you only scrap your Franklin once you are on level 35.

This gives you enough time to upgrade the Franklin’s level and tier. If you scrap the Franklin at max level, you will receive all the Advanced Data Cores required for a full set of Franklin-A blueprints.

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