STFC: How to get Multiphasic Credits

STFC players can earn Multiphasic Credits by making purchases on the PC client, which was introduced in September 2021.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic Star Trek series, which means that players can encounter similar legendary characters, vessels, storylines and locations in the game to those in the series.

There are various currencies in STFC, one of which is Multiphasic Credits. However, not many players know how to procure the currency.

STFC: How to get Multiphasic Credits

Scopely, STFC’s developer, announced in September 2021 that gamers can enjoy STFC on their personal computers (PC).

This client does not differ from the mobile client, but it does allow players to earn Multiphasic Credits, which was introduced with the PC client.

Every purchase made through the PC platform will reward you with Multiphasic Credits.

Keep in mind, however, that every item you purchase rewards you with different amounts of Credits. This means that some items will reward you with more Credits than others.

Only players who are willing to spend real money in STFC to purchase items will receive Multiphasic Credits, which can be used to purchase other items in STFC.

Once you receive your Multiphase Credits, you can use them to purchase items in a new in-game store.

You can redeem in-packs like Ultra Ship Power, Ultra Station Upgrade, Ultra Interceptor Power and Research Boost Packs, among others.

Multiphasic Hunter

There are many limited-time events that you can participate in, one of which is the Multiphasic Hunter – SMS.

When this event is active, you have to purchase packs to earn Multiphase Credits. When you have the credits, you can complete milestones for which you will receive rewards.

Unfortunately, most of the packs that reward players with Multiphasic Credits can only be purchased with real money. This means that only players who are willing to spend real money in the game can participate in the event.

Can Multiphasic Credits be procured on the mobile client?

Only STFC players who purchase packs through the PC client can earn Multiphasic Credits, so you cannot obtain Multiphasic Credits by making purchases on the mobile client.

If you are interested in obtaining Multiphasic Credits, you have to download the PC client on a PC. Only then will you be able to earn Multiphasic Credits by making purchases in the in-game store.

How to download the PC client

To download the PC client, you have to open the announcement that Scopely made about the PC client in September 2021.

In this announcement, you will find a green highlighted text, and if you click on it, you will download the PC client.

Keep in mind that you have to log into Scopely on the mobile client to download the PC client.

After downloading the PC client, you will get the opportunity to log into your Scopely account on your PC. You will then be able to transfer your game’s data from your mobile device to your PC.

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