STFC: How to get Borg Cube

To add the Borg Cube to your fleet in STFC, you need to acquire the necessary blueprints from the Battle Pass completing quests.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an explorative video game which invites players to assume the role of a commander.

It is up to you to expand your fleet by building and upgrading vessels, but you also have to recruit officers to assign to your ships.

How to get Borg Cube

Update 60 was released on Tuesday, 7 November 2023 and it introduced a range of new features for players to enjoy. With this update, for the first time ever, Commanders level 28 and higher can add the Borg Cube to their fleet.

This ship is unlike any other ship in STFC, as it grows in power alongside its Commander. To add this vessel to your fleet, you have to collect the necessary blueprints to build the ship.

According to the announcement, the blueprints can be acquired from the free and Elite tracks of the Update 60 Battle Pass.

A full unlock of the Borg Cube is available in the Elite Battle Pass, and several of the blueprints are located in the free path.

Unfortunately not all of the blueprints that you need can be acquired from the free path, but you can complete The Cube mission chain to get additional blueprints.

The Cube mission chain

Players level 28 and higher can accept The Cube mission chain in their Holodeck. This mission chain has 5 parts with  unique tasks to complete:

The Cube mission part Tasks
  • Meet with the Ex-Borg
  • Defeat the hostile vessel
  • Examine the Borg Cube
  • Donate Tritanium
  • Return to your station
  • Check the alarm
  • Defeat the Romulan Explorer
  • Follow the Romulans
  • Kill the Romulan vessel
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base
  • Check the sensor data
  • Investigate the distress signal
  • Defeat the vessel
  • Scan the system
  • Follow the Transwarp signal
  • Hail the Romulans
  • Flee the Borg Cube
  • Build a Borg Cube
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base
  • Donate Dilithium
  • Set a course for Rator
  • Disable the Bog Cube’s engines
  • Upload the virus
  • Defeat 15 hostiles of level 28 or higher
  • Vanquish the Borg Cube
  • Beam the Ex-Bog onto the Cube
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base


For completing each part of The Cube mission chain, you will receive the following rewards:

The Cube mission part Rewards
  • Borg Cube Blueprint Part
  • Dilithium
  • 12-Hour Speed Up
  • Borg Cube Blueprint Part
  • Tritanium
  • 30-Minute Repair Speed Up
  • Borg Cube Blueprint Part
  • Parsteel
  • Dilithium
  • Latinum
  • 2-Hour Peace Shield
  • Dilithium
  • Latinum
  • 8-Hour Repair Speed Up

Upgrading the Borg Cube

When you have built the Borg Cube in STFC, you can upgrade its level and its tier to increase its effects. To upgrade the vessel, you need to procure numerous resources and materials.

You need Tritanium, Dilithium, Battleship Parts, Oe, Crystals, Borg Data Nodes and Shape Memory Alloy to upgrade the Borg Cube.

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