STFC: How to do Q’s Trials

You have to construct Q’s Court in order to gain access to Q’s Trials in STFC, but you need to procure Trial Bells to start the activity.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) players can follow the Kelvin chronology of the well-renowned series, Star Trek. You can therefore encounter the iconic characters, locations, ships and enemies in the game from the series.

Update 56 added Q’s Trials to the game, however players do not know how to do them.

STFC: How to do Q’s Trials

If you are interested in completing Q’s Trials, you have to be at least level 19. This is because all players level 19 and above receive a Court of Q Key as a gift. If you received this gift, you can construct the new building – Q’s Court.

Once you have constructed the Court, you will gain access to the Trials. However, you need to acquire Trial Bells to commence a Trial. Players can procure this item by participating in specific events and through the daily gift.

Players who are willing to spend real money can purchase additional Trial Bells from the “Offers” tab. When you have enough Trial Bells, you can commence a Trial by clicking on Q’s Court in your base.

Every Trial requires that you defeat a hostile before the time depletes. Upon successfully slaying the enemy, you will earn Protomatters.

STFC: How to do Q’s Trials
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Can you fail a Trial?

Players should note that the only way to fail a Trial is if they do not manage to vanquish the enemy before the timer runs out. If you fail a Trial, you should note that the Trial Bells you used to begin the Trial will still be consumed.

We therefore recommend that you click on the information icon to find out more about the enemy before starting a Trial. If you prepare accordingly, your chances of defeating the enemy before the time depletes are increased.

What should you do with the Protomatters?

Players can use their Protomatters to upgrade a new system in STFC: Forbidden Tech. All ships which are tier 2 and higher can be transformed into even more powerful vessels through the use of Forbidden Tech.

You have to complete Trials and advance in various Milestones to receive Forbidden Tech items.

In order to unlock a ship’s Forbidden Tech slot, you have to use Fusion Rods, which can be exchanged for Forbidden Tech Credits in the Refinery.

Gamers should bear in mind that there is a possibility that upgrading Forbidden Tech will fail and therefore, you need to increase your Assessment Rank.

Which foes do you have to face?

Every Trial consists of either a Battleship, an Interceptor or an Explorer. However, Q will sometimes select a special enemy that you have to slay before the timer ends.

We advise you to refer back to the combat triangle before choosing a vessel for the battle. If you select the correct ship, you will gain a slight advantage over your opponent.

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