STFC: Hot Rod Mission

One of the quests that you can complete in STFC is Hot Rod, however, it features a bug which prevents you from completing it.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exciting video game that invites players to build and customize a powerful fleet, recruit legendary characters and discover strange new worlds.

In order to advance in the game, you have to complete  space-based missions. One of these missions is Hot Rod.

Rogue Faction

There are several Factions that you can join as you progress in STFC. Unlike other Factions, the Rogue Faction is positive-only, which means that it is impossible to lose reputation points based on your actions in this faction.

Players can collect Rogue Reputation by completing missions and events.

However, you can also obtain reputation by purchasing the corresponding packs in the Outlaw Faction Store. The Faction has various ranks and when you reach a specific rank, you will be able to unlock Rogue-specific quests.

If you complete these quests, you will receive various rewards as well as reputation points.

STFC: Hot Rod Mission

There are many missions players can complete to progress in STFC, one of which is Hot Rod.

Though you should keep in mind that this mission cannot be started directly by accepting it in a system. This is because it may be a chain mission or triggered via bundles.

STFC player, ArsenicTouch, revealed on the official Discord channel that the Hot Rod mission is a part of the Practice Makes Perfect quest chain.

Players can purchase this quest chain from the Rogue Faction Store in exchange for faction-specific credits.

Keep in mind that you have to complete Practice Makes Perfect, I Know a Guy and Breakdown before you will get access to the Hot Rod mission.

When you have access to the Hot Rod mission, Eurydice will inform you that you need to weaken the hull of the vault so he can procure the loot.

Players must rob the Casino with Stella, however, Maia will reveal that you are being scanned.

You then have to return to your Station where Eurydice will tell you that they require another refit. Unfortunately, Mal reveals that you have another problem to deal with.

This quest ends quite abruptly as players must complete the following mission, Intellectual Property, to discover the problem.

Players will be rewarded with 39 1-hour SpeedUp as well as 13 3-hour Speedups for completing the Hot Rod quest.

We recommend that you complete the Intellectual Property quest to fully complete the quest chain.

STFC: Hot Rod Mission
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Hot Rod Bug

As players progress through the Hot Rod quest, they receive the objective to claim the Eurydice’s Intel Bundle from the Faction Store.

Although this is a fairly simple task, most players get stuck at this step and struggle to continue the quest.

Allegedly, the Eurydice’s Intel Bundle is not available in the Faction Store. Since you need this item to advance in the quest, you will not be able to complete it as you cannot claim the time from the Faction Store.

SirTimofM revealed on the official Discord server that he has restarted the quest and attempted to complete it on various clients, but the Intel Bundle was still not available in the Faction Store.

When will the bug be resolved?

The Hot Rod bug has been around for quite some time and according to Discord Moderator, Cand1e, the quest is still bugged.

Players therefore cannot complete the Hot Rod quest, which means that they cannot complete the Practice Makes Perfect quest.

If you cannot find the Intel Bundle in the Faction Store, you should submit a ticket to Scopely, STFC’s developer, to make them aware of the issue.

Keep in mind, however, that it may take some time to resolve the issue, therefore, you may have to wait until the following patch update.

Practice Makes Perfect quest chain

STFC players can purchase the Practice Makes Perfect quest chain in the Rogue Faction Store. Every mission in the quest chain has unique objectives to complete:

Quest Objectives
Practice Makes Perfect
  • Meet with Eurydice
  • Build the Stella
  • Defeat 18 level 26 or higher hostiles with the Stella
  • Return to your Station for upgrades
  • Go to the Principium
  • Attack or Distract the guard
I Know a Guy
  • Meet with Ro Budd
  • Go to Leone
  • Track down the Orion Slavers
  • Attack the Slaver or Pay for Mal’s release
  • Scrap the Stella after upgrading it to level 10
  • Research Stella Weaponry or Stella Hull
  • Build the Stella
  • Scout Eurydice’s target
  • Defeat 8 Hostiles
  • Return to your Station
Intellectual Property
  • Track down the Spy
  • Find Whelan
  • Defeat the Orion bodyguard
  • Catch Whelan before it’s too late
  • Defeat Whelan
  • Return to your Station
  • Scrap the Stella
  • Rebuild the Stella

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