STFC: Hostiles with Dilithium

Players can get Dilithium by vanquishing specific enemies in STFC, however, you have to ensure that you select the correct ship.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an explorative game that combines tactical battles with role-playing elements.

Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology from the classic Star Trek series, you will probably encounter iconic characters, ships, and space systems in the game as in the series.

As you progress in STFC, you will collect an array of resources. There are numerous enemies that drop resources, but only some hostiles drop Dilithium.

Resources in STFC

There are more than 5 resources in STFC with unique objectives. You can collect the following resources:

Resource name Description
Latinum It is the rarest resource in STFC and it can be used to purchase other resources and speed up job timers
Parsteel Used to upgrade buildings, begin research, and to construct ships
Raw Crystal Players can refine this resource in the refinery to get refined crystal
Refined Crystal It is used to upgrade ships and buildings and to research various technologies

STFC: Hostiles with Dilithium

One of the resources in STFC is Dilithium, which you can use to upgrade buildings, begin research, and build ships. The resource can be mined in space with a survey ship, however, you can also vanquish specific enemies to procure it.

STFC: Hostiles with Dilithium
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The enemies that drop Dilithium are:

Name Ship type
Benzar Smuggler Battleship
BOSS Klingon Commander Interceptor
Federation Elite Explorer
Federation Patrol Interceptor
Federation Trader Trader (survey ship)
Klingon Commander Interceptor
Koriosian Rebel Battleship
Nausicaan Renegade Battleship
Pakled Thief Battleship
Romulan Patrol Interceptor, Explorer
Romulan Trader Trader (survey ship)
Sona Pirate Battleship

It is worth noting that Romulan, Federation, Independent, and Klingon ships can only be found in their respective systems.

If you are interested in collecting Dilithium, it is advisable that you search the Faction systems and look for the specific ships that drop the resource.

The other ships that drop Dilithium can only be found in certain systems. The table below outlines the systems where you can find them:

Name Systems
Benzar Smuggler
  • Nasturta (26)
  • S’mtharz (25)
Koriosian Rebel
  • Lainey (27)
Nausicaan Renegade
  • Located in New London, Samson, Sauchei, and Hulman, amongothers.
Pakled Thief
  • Bellas (12)
  • Elona (13)
  • Rigel (13)
  • Dhi’ban (14)
  • Fastolf (21)
  • Eisenhorn (19)
Sona Pirate
  • Rakkaus (16)
  • Medua (17)

It is vital to note that the number in the brackets indicates the level of the enemies. If your level is lower than the enemies’ levels, you may struggle to defeat them. However, if your levels are the same, or yours is a bit higher, you will defeat them easily.

Can you mine Dilithium?

As previously explained, Dilithium can be mined in specific systems. Mining Dilithium is a great alternative if you are do not want todefeat enemies. However, your survey ship may be attacked while you are mining.

The following systems contain Dilithium resource nodes:

System Zone Required warp
Murasaki 312 Neutral 6
Clytomenes 12 Neutral 7
Krah’Hor 18 Klingon 13
Kaikara 18 Romulan 13
Vulcan 23 Federation 17
Izth 26 Klingon 19
Temeri Alpha 20 Neutral 20
Izanagi 32 Romulan 26
Altanea 38 Romulan 38
Yoruba 39 Neutral 47
Hyland 42 Federation 70
Perralon 472 44 Neutral 105

How to battle hostiles

STFC has an easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master battle system. Although battles may seem easy in the early-game phase, they get more difficult as you progress. It is thus imperative that you learn to use your ships and officers in the most efficient way to survive the battle.

You should always remember that Battleships have an advantage over Explorers. Explorers, on the other hand, have an advantage over Interceptors. But Interceptors have an advantage over Battleships.

With this information, you can choose the correct ship to battle a ship that drops Dilithium. For instance, if you want to defeat a Sona Pirate, you need an Interceptor as the Sona Pirates are Battleships. This method should be applied to all battles in STFC.

Tips for farming Dilithium

Whether you are defeating enemies or mining resource nodes to acquire Dilithium, there are a few tips that will make your farming easier.

You should not carry more than your protected cargo quantity. If your ship’s protected cargo amount is 500, you should not carry more than 500 Dilithium.

This is because if you get attacked, the enemies will not be able to steal your Dilithium as it is protected by your ship. However, if you exceed the limit, the enemies will steal your Dilithium, and you will have to farm more.

If you are fighting hostiles to get Dilithium, it is advisable that you target enemies whose levels are lower than yours. The battle will be easy and you are likely to succeed.

If you target an enemy whose level is equal to or higher to yours, you may have a difficult time defeating them.

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