STFC: Holodeck mission list

There are more than 60 Holodeck missions you can complete in STFC and therefore it can be difficult to choose between them.

Gamers can put their tactical skills to the test in this adventurous mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology storyline of the classic Star Trek series, you can expect to encounter similar locations, characters, and features in the series.

There are numerous buildings to construct in your base, one of which is the Holodeck. The Holodeck features various missions.

What is the objective of missions?

When you start playing STFC, you will have to complete several missions to progress in the game. It is worth remembering that missions increase with difficulty as you reach higher levels. Once a mission is completed, you earn numerous rewards.

The rewards include, but are not limited to, ship materials, experience points, resources, and currencies. These items, especially experience points, will help you progress in the game. Experience points are needed to reach the next level.

The other items allow you to construct buildings and ships, which are used to explore space systems.

STFC: Holodeck mission list

The Holodeck is a building in your base that allows you to take on missions from the most beloved previously released Arcs. However, only players who are level 15 or higher can unlock these missions. The Holodeck features more than 60 missions to choose from.

There are different mission types that you can choose from, including The Next Generation (TNG), TOS, Borg, Outlaws, Discovery, and Mirror Discovery Arcs. Each mission type has a unique objective.

The table below lists the details of all Holodeck missions:

Category Mission Name Initial Mission Recommended operations level Recommended Warp range
The Original Series TOS Part 1 Now and Ten Part 1 25 24
The Original Series TOS Part 2 Doomsday Part 1 27 25
Discovery Discovery Part 1 Odd Shapes on the Horizon 11 11
Discovery Discovery Part 2 Muddied Vision 11 13
Discovery Captain’s Log Captain’s Log 15 13
Outlaw Outlaws Part 1 Flatter to Deceive 28 22
Outlaw Outlaws Part 2 What you Sow 28 24
The Borg The Borg Part 1 A Voice in the Darkness 25 22
The Borg The Borg Part 2 And You Will Know Us Part 2 26 22
The Borg The Borg: Vi’dar Those Left Behind 27 45
The Next Generation TNG Part 1 Worlds Apart Part 1 12 7
The Next Generation TNG Part 2 Survival of the Fittest Part 1 32 25
The Next Generation TNG Part 3 A Battle for the Ages Part 1 32 25
The Next Generation A Great Escape Part 1 A Great Escape Part 1 34 25
The Next Generation The Great Escape Part 6 A Great Escape Part 34 25
The Next Generation Warriors Lost Warriors Lost 42 70
The Next Generation Only You, Part 1 to 3 Only You Part 1 25 17
The Next Generation Suspicious Minds, Part 1 and 2 Suspicious Minds Part 1 16 11

Reginald Barclay

If you complete the Holodeck missions, you will be rewarded with Reginald Barclay’s shards. Once you have collected enough shards, you can unlock the Epic Officer. He is a fictional engineer from the Star Trek media franchise.

STFC: Holodeck mission list
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Similarly to other Officers in STFC, Barclay has several skills. However, the skills only activate when he is assigned to a specific position in your ship. The following table lists Barclay’s skills:

Skill type Skill name Description
Officer ability Win them over This skill increases all Officers’ defense by a specific amount.
Below deck ability Not applicable It increases protected cargo by a certain percentage.

Which missions should you complete?

Since there are more than 60 unique missions for you to complete, it can be difficult to select which ones you should complete.

TOS missions allegedly offer the best rewards, so it is advisable that you complete them. Players can then decide between Borg or Outlaw missions as they also have unique rewards and experiences.

Holodeck mission types

Completing these missions will reward you with shards, which you can use to unlock Reginald Barclay. The different missions and a description of each are as follows:

Mission type Description
The Next Generation For this mission, players have to investigate the crash site of a Starfleet ship from a parallel universe. You have to solve the mystery of their arrival and the events leading up to the crash.
TOS Players have to defeat hostiles, but they only have access to a few selected Officers.
Borg The official description reveals that the conflict between the 3 great factions continues while the Independent commanders fight to carve out their own place among the stars. You thus have to defeat enemies to complete the missions.
Outlaw The Outlaw’s narrative brings back Hkan and introduces Harry Mudd. You have to work alongside Mudd to complete core and side missions.
Discovery You have to use your Discovery ship to complete various core and side missions.
Mirror Discovery Arcs Players have to complete missions, which are focused on the Discovery Mirror Universe.

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