STFC: Hit levels

The term ‘hit levels’ refers to several concepts in STFC, such as the enemies that you can defeat, level requirements and activities in events.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous video game that invites players to follow the Kelvin storyline of the classic series, Star Trek.

To progress in the game, you have to recruit officers, build vessels, complete space-based missions and vanquish hostiles. It is worth noting that there is a hit level principle in place.

STFC: Hit levels

All players will begin at level one when they first start playing STFC. At this level, you have to focus on the quests and enemies which are available to you.

Hostiles in the game also have varying levels and as your level increases, more enemies with higher levels will become available to you.

Although you can attack foes whose levels are higher than yours, it is not recommended as those enemies are generally more powerful than your fleet.

Moreover, Scopely allegedly implemented a hit level restriction which prevents players from hitting enemies with higher levels.

This principle was implemented to prevent players from leveling up too quickly. However, some players have managed to vanquish hostiles whose levels are higher than their current level.

If you are interested in fighting an enemy whose level is higher than yours, we recommend that you upgrade your fleet to increase its capabilities.


In addition to fighting artificial intelligence enemies, you can attack other players’ vessels and stations.

On the official STFC Discord server, a player recently revealed that he is level 37 and should be able to hit level 43 players because he got hit by a level 47 player. However, he can no longer attack level 43 players.

He mentioned that it is quite unfair that higher-level players can attack his station while he is unable to attack their stations. It can therefore be said that the hit level principle also applies to PvP.

We recommend that you fight players whose levels are the same as yours, or players whose levels are lower than yours.

Level requirements

‘Hit level’ can also refer to increasing your level to unlock certain features. For instance, you will only be able to unlock the Stella when your shipyard reaches level 27. Players therefore want to hit certain levels to unlock additional ships.

In addition to unlocking ships, you will gain access to various quests when you hit a certain level. If you complete the new quests, you will receive a range of rewards which can influence your gameplay.


Scopely regularly hosts in-game events for STFC players to enjoy and some events require that players to vanquish hostiles to score points.

Although you can defeat enemies whose levels are similar to yours, you will receive more points for hitting enemies whose levels are higher than yours. The higher your score is, the more rewards you will receive during the event.

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