STFC: Hirogen Transport

STFC players can find Hirogen Transport hostiles in specific systems, however, low-level players should not attempt to vanquish them from the galaxy.

While exploring various systems in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you will encounter numerous hostiles.

One of the enemies that you can encounter is Hirogen Transport Freighters, which Commanders simply refer to as Hirogen Transporters.

There are only 4 level Hirogen Transporters in STFC. Players can therefore attempt to defeat level 35, level 40, level 50 and level 60 Hirogen Transporters.

Since their levels are so high, we recommend that low-level players do not attempt to conquer them.

Furthermore, only when you reach level 35 should you attempt to vanquish them from the galaxy. This is because if you are below level 35 and you attack a Hirogen Transporter, your fleet may be destroyed in the battle.

Although there are different levels of Hirogen Transporters, they all share the same ability; Shield Disruptors. Every time the ship hits a target with a weapon attack it reduces the target ship’s shield mitigation by 10 percent for 1 round.

This ability is always active and therefore, Commanders have to be extra cautious when fighting a Hirogen Transporter. In addition to the ability, every level of Hirogen Transporter has a unique amount of statistics.


The higher the level of the enemy is, the higher its statistics will be. The following table lists the Hirogen Transporter’s statistics:

Level Attack Defense Health
35 622 808 516 475 28 062 543
40 1 182 573 1 016 795 83 771 890
50 4 302 094 4 664 290 268 431 776
60 18 375 129 20 693 775 1 358 952 456

As seen in the table, the level 60 Hirogen Transporters have the highest statistics of the group. We therefore recommend that only endgame players vanquish them from the galaxy.

Where to find Hirogen Transporters

Similarly to other enemies in STFC, you can only find Hirogen Transporters in specific systems. That being said, the hostile’s level determines the system in which it spawns:

Level Systems
  • Diabolai
  • Satar
  • Ini’tarash Rest
  • Deverio
  • Velixys
  • Wridian
  • Attana
  • Hyrolaw
  • Zevritus
  • Ebriosys
  • Xi’taiq
  • Crypsotys
  • Asil-A
  • Rearys
  • Liasoures
  • Perryk
  • K’tje
  • Kunnan
  • Bartu’shakai
  • Tauriels
  • Oitalka
  • Vadeli
  • Sirpa
  • Illusys

These systems require a specific warp range and if you do not have the specific warp range, you will not be able to travel to the systems.

Hirogen crews

It is important that you use the correct crew combination if you want to defeat the Hirogen Transporters as quickly as possible.

On the official STFC Discord server, several Commanders have shared the crews that they use to vanquish the hostiles.

One player mentioned that he uses SNW with Hugh and Torres below deck. Another Commander revealed that she uses Janeway, Paris with Kim. Additionally, you can use Torres, The Doctor, Hugh, Paris and Kim below.

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