STFC: Hirogen Transport Freighters

One of the various types of enemies that you can encounter in STFC is the Hirogen Transport Freighters, however, they only spawn in certain systems

Star Trek Fleet Command features a large galaxy with numerous systems, each of which contains unique hostiles that you can defeat to earn resources and materials. One of these hostile types  is Hirogen Transport Freighters.

There are different levels of Hirogen Transport Freighters you can vanquish from the galaxy. The level of the enemy determines the vessel’s statistics as well as the systems in which they spawn.

You can find the Hirogen Transport Freighters in the following systems:

Hirogen Transport Freighter level Systems
  • Sirpa (60)
  • Illusys (60)
  • Rearys (58)
  • Liasoures (53)
  • Perryk (49)
  • K’tjie (56)
  • Kunnan (50)
  • Bartu’shakai (51)
  • Tauriels (54)
  • Oitalka (59)
  • Vadeli (55)
  • Hyrolaw (44)
  • Zevritus (47)
  • Ebriosys (48)
  • Xi’taiq (43)
  • Crypsotys (41)
  • Asil-A (40)
  • Diabolai (35)
  • Satar (39)
  • Ini’tarash Rest (38)
  • Derevio (37)
  • Velixys (35)
  • Wridian (35)
  • Attana (36)

As seen in the table, there are numerous systems in which you can find different levels of Hirogen Transporter Freighters.

Players should note that each system has a warp range requirement. For example, Sirpa requires a warp range of 900, while Diabolai requires a warp range of 28.

Which officers should you use to destroy the Hirogen Transport Freighters?

Although you can use any officers to defeat the Hirogen Transport Freighters, this is not advised as some officers will perform better during the battle than others.

We recommend that you use a team that is able to vanquish them as quickly as possible.

Players can therefore use Torres, The Doctor, High with Paris and Kim below. Alternatively, you can use SNW with Hugh and Torres below deck.

If you do not have these officers in your collection, you can use Janeway, Paris and Kim to defeat Hirogen Transporter Freighters.

Hirogen Transport Freighter abilities

Although there are different levels of Hirogen Transporter Freighters in STFC, they all share the same Shield Disruptors ability.

This ability mentions that every time the enemy vessel hits a target with a weapon attack, it reduces the target ship’s shield mitigation by 10 percent for 1 round.

Each Hirogen Transport Freighter has 4 weapons, 2 of which are Energy weapons while the others are Kinetic weapons.

The weapons’ shots differ, for example, the second Energy weapon deals 4 shots, whereas the 4th Kinetic weapon has 9 shots.


The higher the level of any enemy that you encounter in STFC, the higher its statistics will be. We therefore recommend that you first attempt to defeat a level 35 Hirogen Transport Freighter before attacking a level 60 hostile.

The level 35 enemy has 29 201 826 power, while the level 60 hostile has 1 389 021 361 power. This means that it will be much more difficult to destroy a level 60 Hirogen Transport Freighter than a level 35 enemy.

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