STFC: Hirogen Crew

To successfully defeat Hirogen Hostiles in STFC, you have to assign specific officers to different positions on a vessel.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), you can join millions of players in forging alliances, defeating hostiles and building an amazing fleet to secure or dominate the galaxy.

As you progress in the game, you will have to help locals, fight different species and negotiate peace.

Hirogen Crew

There are numerous enemies that you can encounter in the countless systems in STFC. To ensure that you vanquish these enemies efficiently, players can assign officers to a ship before sending their fleet out for battle.

Hirogen Hostiles are one of the various enemy types that players can encounter as they explore the open galaxy. To conquer these enemies, you can use these officers:

  • Captain Janeway
  • B’Elanna Torres
  • The Doctor
  • Hugh
  • Tom Parris
  • Harry Kim

There are numerous options for Below Deck Officers, which means that players can experiment with combinations to see which crew works best for them.

STFC Discord Moderator, Zabatiz, mentioned that he uses SNW with Hugh and Torres below deck.

Another player, named (TOS) Escalus, mentioned that the crew combination that you use depends on the ship’s tier and research that you have completed.

According to him, players can also use Teri and Odo in their Hirogen Crews. Furthermore, you can assign Five on the Bridge while The Doctor is below deck.


Before forming a Hirogen Crew, you have to familiarize yourself with the officers’ abilities. The following table lists the recommended officers’ abilities:

Characters Ability
  • Captain Ability: When you take hull damage, she increases your Shield Mitigation by 6 percent for 1 round.
  • BDA: There is a 10 percent chance in every round that you could apply Hull Breach to enemies for 1 round.
  • Officer ability: When you take damage, she increases your Armor and Shield piercing as well as Accuracy by 250 percent of the attack.
The Doctor
  • BDA: Increases all resources dropped by hostiles by 15 percent
  • Officer ability: He increases your armor, shield deflection and dodge by 300 percent of Health for 2 rounds
  • BDA: There is a 45 percent chance that he will increase Critical Hit Chance by 25 percent for 2 rounds after being hit by an enemy.
  • Increases the impulse speed of your ship by 5 percent.
  • BDA: He increases your armor, shield deflection and dodge by 200 percent of defense.
  • Officer ability: He increases your critical hit damage by 5 percent for 1 round
  • BDA: There is a 10 percent chance that he will apply Morale to your ship
  • Officer ability: Increases all positive Reputation gains by 7 percent

Hirogen systems

Once you have a Hirogen Crew, you have to go to specific systems to defeat the hostiles. Some of the systems in which you can acquire Hirogen Hostiles are:

Hirogen Hunter level Systems
  • Uxal (26)
  • Taral (37)
  • Zahl (35)
  • Kobali (35)
  • Elor (36)
  • Shokomylk (36)
  • FSEP-40840 (37)
  • Dinaal (35)
  • Verto Peyl (35)
  • Tekara (35)
  • Vendoo (36)
  • Antaria (33)
  • Arcaelus (36)
  • Miranil (33)
  • Murray (37)
  • Pelycos (36)
  • Thrima (37)
  • Tugaash (35)
  • Monea (35)
  • Dareb (36)
  • Karuna (35)
  • Tolonus (35)
  • Think Tank (35)
  • Teota (36)
  • Deesha (35)
  • Malon Vortex (35)
  • Nygea (35)
  • Ryce-20 (37)
  • Kabiuko (35)
  • FSEP-168 (37)
  • Vaadwaur (44)
  • Dawise (43)
  • Quarra (43)
  • New Talax (45)
  • Rovah (43)
  • Stambo (45)
  • Valla Terna (45)
  • Ramar (45)
  • Jettas (55)
  • Malon Prime (55)
  • Sakari (53)
  • Burdow (55)
  • Suvfa (53)
  • Litzarr (55)
  • Leichter (53)


STFC players will earn rich rewards, which are determined by their enemies’ levels, for defeating Hirogen Hostiles.

For example, if you defeat a level 25 Hirogen Hunter, you will receive Parsteel and Hirogen Relics, but conquering a level 44 Hirogen Hunter will reward you with 4-star Broken Interceptor Parts and Hirogen Relics.

The higher the enemy’s level is, the better the rewards that you will receive.

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