STFC: Heroes and Villains Mission

The Heroes and Villains mission in STFC requires players to make an important decision, which will have consequences in future events.

You can explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Gamers will assume the role of a Commander who has to expand, upgrade and control a fleet to help allies, destroy enemies and negotiate peace in many missions.

Heroes and Villains Mission

The Make It So Part 1 update was released on Tuesday, 7 November 2023 and it introduced 16 new missions for Commanders to complete.

One of these missions is Heroes vs Villains, which is part of a special event taking place in November 2023.

Before completing this mission, you should note that it will have lasting consequences on some events that you may participate in for the remainder of the month. Thus, players should choose the path they take in this quest wisely.

This mission cannot be started directly by accepting it in a system, but players can accept the quest by opening a gift chest. According to STFC Discord Moderator, Zabatiz, players will receive the chest in a few days.

After accepting the quest, you have to investigate the temporal signature after watching a conversation between Maia and Picard.

When you have investigated the temporal signature, Picard and Captain B’Rall will have a conversation which reveals that you have to disable B’Rall’s ship before he does something catastrophic.

Commanders must defeat Captain B’Rall to trigger the next conversation, which takes place between B’Rall, Maia, Picard and Q. After looking for signs of the Nexus Ribbon, you have to find the Temporal Doorway.

When you have found the Temporal Doorway, you have to decide if you want to be the hero, or the villain in this quest.


If you choose to be the villain, you have to chase down B’Rall by going to Whinnul. When you reach the location, you have to destroy the captain’s ship before it is too late.

However, if you decide to be a hero, you also have to chase down B’Rall and vanquish Gowron and Martok.

The rewards that STFC Commanders will receive for completing the Heroes and Villains quest are determined by the paths which they select.


Heroes and Villains will not receive the same rewards, but there is an item that both sides will receive when they have completed the quest.

The table below outlines the rewards Heroes and Villains will receive:

Option Rewards
  • Jadzia Dax
  • Miles O’Brien
  • Missing Translation
  • Gul Dukat
  • Ikat’ika
  • Missing Translation

Which option should you choose?

As previously explained, the path that you choose during the Heroes and Villains mission will have consequences on some events that you can participate in for the remainder of November 2023.

Unfortunately, these consequences and the events are yet to be determined.

We therefore recommend that you make the decision based on the rewards that you want the most. But keep in mind that you may regret your decision in the future.

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