STFC: Heavy Transport Crew

To defeat the Heavy Transport enemies in STFC, we recommend that you use TNG Beverly, Young Mudd and T’Laan, who can be replaced by Khan.

You have to use your strategy, combat, diplomacy and leadership skills to advance in this thrilling mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

As the commander of a fleet, you can recruit legendary characters like Kirk, Spock and Janeway among others to vanquish hostiles.

Heavy Transport Crew

There are different types of enemies that players can encounter as they explore the systems in STFC. One of the hostile types is the Heavy Transport enemies, which can only be found in specific systems.

Before setting out to find the Heavy Transport hostiles, we recommend that you assign a crew to your vessel to ensure that the battle against the opponent is successful.

Although there are various crew combinations that you can use to defeat Heavy Transport hostiles, there are only a few officers who specialize in vanquishing Heavy Transport enemies.

We recommend that you use TNG Beverly, Young Mudd and T’Laan to destroy the Heavy Transport hostiles.

This crew is allegedly the best combination that players can use if they want to defeat the hostiles quickly, as they have powerful abilities.

If you are yet to collect T’Laan, you can replace her with Khan, as he will also be able to defeat the Heavy Transport hostiles.

How to acquire the Heavy Transport Crew

There are several players who have yet to collect the recommended crew members for Heavy Transport hostiles, especially those who are in the early-game and mid-game phases.

The table outlines lists how you can procure the officers:

Officer How to acquire
T’Laan You can earn officer shards for T’Laan by completing specific missions, and additional shards can be acquired through the Standard Officer Chest.
Khan Commanders must complete specific missions to acquire Khan’s officer shards. You can collect additional shards through the Augment Faction Store and the Swarm Sunday event.
Young Mudd Officer shards can be earned through the Premium Officer Chest, Ultra Officer Chest, the Outlaw Faction Chest and through the Rotational Ultra Chest.
Beverly You can get her officer shards by completing the A Blessing and A Bane mission. Additional shards can be obtained through the Ultra Officer Recruit Chests and Rotational Ultra Chests.

Who is the captain of the Heavy Transport Crew?

Regardless of whether you are using Beverly, T’Laan and Young Mudd, or Beverly, Khan and Young Mudd, you should always select Beverly to be the captain of the crew.

This is because Beverly has a fantastic Captain ability which will be very useful when you are fighting Heavy Transport Hostiles.

Her Captain’s Ability, First Do No Warm, restores Shield Health every round which is equal to 200 percent of the Health of all Officers on the ship when fighting Hostiles and Armadas.

Players should keep in mind that this ability is only activated when Beverly is assigned to the captain of the ship.

Crew abilities

Although Beverly is the captain of the crew, the rest of the crew will still be able to use their abilities to conquer the Heavy Transport Hostiles.

The following table lists their abilities with a description of each:

Officer Ability
T’Laan Objective Defense: If the opponent is a Hostile, she decreases the Damage done by its Kinetic Weapons by 5 percent. However, it only works against hostiles which are level 51 and under.
Khan Savage Tenacity: Every time the Ship is hit by a Ship or Defense Platform weapon attack, he increases the Critical Hit Chances by 1 percent.
Young Mudd Down but Never Out: When the ship’s Shield Health is depleted, Harry Mudd increases the Weapon Damage of the ship by 200 percent for the remainder of the combat.

Where to find Heavy Transport hostiles

Once you have selected your Heavy Transport Crew in STFC, you need to travel the star systems to find the Heavy Transport enemies.

We recommend that you travel to one of the capital systems, which are Sol, Kronos and Romulus. If you explore these systems, you will find 2 different types of Transport enemies.

You can also find the Heavy Transport hostiles as well as the normal transport hostiles. If you vanquish these enemies, you will earn rich rewards.

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