STFC: Hazards

By exploring STFC’s new G6 Space, you may discover systems that have  Hazards, and which deal damage to your ship’s hull health.

You can enter a galaxy on the brink of war in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) as different factions fight for control over the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Players can assume the role of a Commander, who has to help locals, fight hostiles and negotiate peace in unlimited space-based missions.


Scopely regularly releases updates to introduce new content to STFC and the latest update revealed that players can enjoy the G6 expansion.

This expansion introduced Hazards, which are a brand new obstacle that gamers can overcome in many of the systems in G6 Space.

If you select a system in G6 space, the system card will display if there is a hazard and what type of hazard it is.

Commanders can encounter different types of Hazards, namely Ion Storm, Asteroid Field, Radiation and Nameless Horror.

STFC: Hazards
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If your ship is in a system with a Hazard in, the hull health of the vessel will change color, which indicates that you are in a Hazard system.

Players should remember that different systems will be home to different Hazards, each of which will deal damage over time to your ship.

Fortunately, there are some items that you can use to reduce the amount of damage done to your ship.

Hazard Resistance

To limit the amount of damage done to your vessel, you need to acquire Hazard Resistance.

If you apply this item to your ship, your ship will receive less damage from the Hazard while exploring the new system. Hazard Resistance will allegedly come from various sources.

Players can therefore get Hazard Resistance through abilities, researches, refits (Uncommon Combat Ships) and Consumables.

It is noteworthy that base resistance covers all the Hazards, but there is also Hazard Resistance for every type of Hazard, which you can check in the Ship’s statistics.

Can you mine in Hazard systems?

Even though your ships will take damage when you are in a Hazard system, mining in a hazard space also has various benefits.

Resources will be gathered much faster, raw ship parts will only be mined on these systems and reputation gains will increase significantly.

It is possible that the Hazard will destroy your ship while you are mining resources, but fortunately, the Hazard destroys your vessel, you will not lose any loot that you gathered. However, you still have to repair the ship at a cost.

Where can you find Hazard systems?

At the time of writing, it is unknown which systems are Hazardous, so players are forced to explore the new G6 space to figure out which systems are Hazardous.

However, Commanders regularly share their experiences and discoveries on the official STFC Discord server, so we recommend that you join the server to know which systems are Hazardous once they have been discovered.

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