STFC: Hailing Frequencies

STFC recently introduced a new communication method known as Hailing Frequencies, but it has not been without controversy.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is a thrilling mobile game that invites you to put your tactical abilities to the test. The game is based on the classic Star Trek series, which means you can encounter iconic characters such as Kirk and Spock in the game.

STFC’s developer, Scopely, recently revealed Update 51 which introduces Hailing Frequencies to the game.

Update 51

On Tuesday, 7 February 2023, Scopely released Update 51, which adds several new features to STFC. As a player, you can now complete several new missions to construct a new Anti Borg combat ship, Vi’Dar Talios.

Moreover, you can team up with your alliance to defeat The Expansion Cubes to receive rewards. You can also collect new officers, each of which has unique abilities.

There are 10 new core missions you can complete along with several side missions. That being said, side missions are not mandatory to complete, however, you will receive several rewards once you have completed a side mission.

STFC: Hailing Frequencies

Update 51 introduced a new category of cosmetics known as Hailing Frequencies.

The official description provided by Scopely reads, “The galaxy can be a treacherous place, full of dangers and miscommunication. You can socialize with your fellow commanders through animated Star Trek themed emotes as you soar through the galaxy.”

With Update 51 players can now show peaceful intentions or trick fellow players into an ambush. Scopely adds that “hailing frequencies are here to enhance your personal experience and help make new STFC memories with you and your friends.”

With Hailing Frequencies, players can communicate with other players in real-time. The new cosmetic system allows you to add a bit of flair to your ships by reacting to other commanders within system view.

However, you can also communicate with other players off-line by leaving a Hailing Frequency of your choice within the Battle Logs.

STFC: Hailing Frequencies
© Scopely

Players can acquire and assign Hailing Frequencies for their ships. You can procure Hailing Frequencies from the battle pass, via the in-game store or through a variety of in-game specific events.

If you get tired of a specific Hailing Frequency, you can disable them. However, these emotes can be used to locate your ship automatically by long tapping your ship in the ship selection.

Do Hailing Frequencies provide buffs?

Halling Frequencies are purely cosmetic, which means that they provide no buffs or benefits to your fleet. Even though you will not receive additional benefits, you can communicate to other players by assigning a Halling Frequency to your ship.

If you are interested in receiving buffs and benefits, it is advisable that you recruit the 3 new officers that were introduced with update 51. All 3 officers have a below deck ability and an officer ability, which can help you tremendously during a battle.

Hailing Frequency controversy

It is common cause that Scopely expected the Hailing Frequency system to receive positive reviews from STFC players, but unfortunately that is not the case.

On the official Discord server, several players have revealed their disappointment in the new system.

One player stated, “Hailing Frequencies is the most useless addition to date. I have better things to do than waving at strangers 50 times.”

Another STFC player asked, “Why are the Hailing Frequency hands only white? This seems like an egregious error given the diversity of the STFC player base and of the Star Trek universe itself. It is ridiculous in this day and age.”

Although there have been several complaints about the new feature, Scopely has yet to comment on the seemingly brewing furore about to the Hailing Frequency system.

Methods to acquire Hailing Frequencies

As explained above, Hailing Frequencies can be acquired from the Battle Pass, the in-game store or from specific in-game events. A Battle Pass is a tier system that features several rewards. Generally, it consists of 2 paths; a free version and an elite version.

All STFC players can enjoy the free path of the Battle Pass, however, those who are interested in additional rewards can purchase the elite path. The Free path rewards are claimable once you have met the specific requirements.

To progress in the Battle Pass, you have to gather points by completing special events. The events are released daily and marked with the Battle Pass icon.

While the in-game store allows you to purchase items in exchange for various in-game currencies. Some currencies can be famed in STFC, while others can only be purchased with real life money. You can acquire Hailing Frequencies by purchasing them.

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