STFC: Greater Good Part 10

STFC players can complete the Greater Good part 10 to earn an array of rewards, however, one of its objectives has left players confused.

Players can vanquish hostiles, complete missions, participate in events and mine resources in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

One of the mission chains that you can complete in the game is the Greater Good, which comprises 10 parts, but players are struggling to complete part 10.

STFC: Greater Good Part 10

Players should note that they cannot start the Greater Good part 10 by accepting it in a system, as it is part of a mission chain.

You have to open your Holodeck and click on the “Greater Good part 1” option to begin this mission chain. If you complete all the parts, you will be able to access part 10 of the Greater Good.

At the beginning of the mission, players must view a conversation between Neelix, Captain Janeway, Ensign Kim and the Borg Queen before disabling the Queen’s Sphere.

After another cutscene, you have to vanquish 5 hostiles which are level 34 or higher to trigger another cutscene.

Players then have to pick up Neelix and retreat to a safe distance when the cutscene is over. Before defeating the Borg Unicomplex, you have to return to Samarklew.

Commanders have to make their way to the mess hall where there will be another cutscene.

To complete this quest, you have to attend Neelix’s feast, where you will view the final cutscene. Players will receive a range of rewards for completing the Greater Good part 10.

STFC: Greater Good Part 10
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Borg Unicomplex

One of the objectives that you must complete to progress in the quest is to destroy the Borg Unicomplex.

Several STFC players become stuck at this objective, as they were unable to find the Unicomplex, therefore, they cannot complete the quest.

It is a known issue that the Borg Unicomplex is not appearing, but fortunately, gamers can still complete the objective. Players must vanquish a Rare Armada, which can be found in Samarklew, to complete the objective.

Rare Formation Armadas

Rare Formation Armadas were introduced with update 57, which was introduced to STFC on Tuesday, 8 August 2023.

To summon this hostile, you need to acquire Rare Directives, which is available from the day chest and in the “Offers” tab.

After destroying a Rare Formation Armada, players will be rewarded and will be able to continue with the Greater Good part 10.


Once you successfully complete the Greater Good part 10, you will be rewarded for your efforts. Players can expect these rewards:

Reward Quantity
Seven of Nine 1
Missing translation 1
Missing translation 1
3-star Battleship Parts 600

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