STFC: Greater Good Part 1

STFC’s Greater Good Part 1 requires that players to complete a series of objectives, one of which is traveling to Tomalor, but the path is locked.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an explorative video game that follows the Kelvin chronology of the well-renowned series, Star Trek.

In order to progress in the game, players must complete space-based missions, vanquish hostiles and mine resources.

One of the quests that you can complete is the Greater Good, which consists of several parts. Naturally, you have to begin with part 1 to unlock the other parts of the quest.

STFC: Greater Good Part 1

The Greater Good is one of the new quest chains introduced with a recent update.

This chain has 10 different parts, however, you need to complete the quests in sequence, which means that you have to commence with the Greater Good Part 1.

This mission cannot be started directly by accepting it in a system. To begin this quest chain, you have to open your Holodeck and search the list for the first part.

After accepting the first part, players must report to Admiral Ryan and view a cutscene.

You then have to Rendezvous with the Voyager, where you will encounter Captain Janeway.

After Maia, Seven and Captain Janeway’s conversation, you need to destroy the Hirogen Patrol. Commanders have to sit through another cutscene before they have to investigate the anomaly.

Thereafter, you will complete the quest and be rewarded for your efforts. Players will also unlock the second part of the Greater Good.

Tomalor locked path

One of the objectives that you must complete while progressing in the Greater Good part 1 is to travel to Tomalor. Although it is a quick objective, several players are unable to travel to Tomalor as the path is locked.

In order to get access to this path, players have to complete the second part of the Silver Scar mission.

Shortly after the Silver Scar mission chain was introduced, it was full of bugs that prevented players from completing the quest, therefore, they were unable to unlock the path to Tomalor.

Scopely, STFC’s developer, allegedly resolved the bugs that prevented players from completing the Silver Scar mission.


When you have unlocked the path to Tomalor, you will be able to complete the Greater Good part 1 without any trouble.

After investigating the anomaly, you will complete the quest and receive rewards for your efforts:

Reward Quantity
Parsteel 4.91 million
3-star Raw Ore 600
3-star Raw Crystal 600

Silver Scar

To gain access to Silver Scar part 2, STFC players must complete Silver Scar part 1, which can be accepted in the level 40 system, Veringan.

After completing the first part, you will unlock the second part, which requires that you follow the Voyager to the Nygea system.

Commanders have to defeat the Voyager, escape the Silver Scar, vanquish the Silver Scar and offer the Silver Scar a way out to complete the quest.

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