STFC: Graveyard of Giants

One of the missions STFC players can complete is Graveyard of Giants, however it is unavailable as it is part of an old Borg arc.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you can follow the Kelvin chronology of the well-renowned Star Trek series.

You can therefore encounter similar characters, locations, vessels and storylines in the game to those in the series. One of the space-based missions that Commanders can complete is the Graveyard of Giants.

STFC: Graveyard of Giants

There are numerous quests in STFC, one of which is Graveyard of Giants. This quest cannot be started directly by accepting it in a system, as it is part of a chain mission, or it is triggered via bundles.

You therefore have to complete the Fading Obscurities quest to unlock Graveyard of Giants. Once you have access to Graveyard of Giants, you should note that you need a warp range of 20 to complete it.

Although this warp requirement is fairly low, very low-level players will not be able to complete it.

After starting the quest, Admiral Castle will reveal that you have to make your way to the Mordus system as soon as possible to deal with the aftermath of the battle.

You then have to go to the Borg Graveyard to view a conversation between Admiral Castle, T’Korma, Maia and Norak.


The Graveyard of Giants quest is fairly simple and easy to complete as you only have to go to Mordus where you will find the Borg Graveyard.

After the conversation, you will complete the quest and receive the following rewards:

Reward Description Quantity
Recruit Tokens Commanders can use Recruit Tokens to recruit officers. 20
15 Minute Repair Speed Up Your ships may get damaged in battle and you have to repair them, which takes some time. You can use the 15-minute repair speed up to reduce the time that it takes to repair your ship. 2

Fading Obscurities

In order to access to the Graveyard of Giants quest, players must complete the Fading Obscurities quest, which is part of a chain mission. Unfortunately, it is unknown how Commanders can obtain this quest, as it is part of an old Borg arc.

However, to complete this quest, you have to sit through a conversation with Norak, Admiral Castle and T Korma before retreating to your home system. You will then receive Parsteel and Dilithium for completing the quest.

Graveyard of Giants issue

There are several players on the official Discord server inquiring about how to acquire the Graveyard of the Giants and Fading Obscurities quests.

These quests were allegedly part of an old Borg arc, but some moderators of the server revealed that the Graveyard of Giants quest was awarded to players who were part of an alliance that had placed in one of the old ALB events. These ran during the old Borg arc.

This essentially means that only some players were able to complete the Graveyard of Giants quest. At the time of writing this, it is unknown whether this quest is available in STFC or not.

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