STFC: Gorn Ship

Scopely recently announced that STFC players can obtain the new Gorn Eviscerator, which is a powerful anti-Gorn warship, however it also functions as an alliance support ship.

On Monday, 6 May 2024, Scopely released a major update for Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

This update revealed that as the Gorn Invasion arc continues, the time for the counterattack has come. To fight back against the Gorn, players are now able to construct the Gorn Eviscerator.

This powerful vessel is an anti-Gorn warship, however it also functions as an alliance support ship. Unfortunately, only players who have reached level 40 can add this potent vessel to their fleet.

Scopely has yet to reveal how Commanders who meet this requirement can add the vessel to their fleet.

On the official STFC Discord server, an admin member known as Cand1e, mentioned that there is a chance that the new ship will have a free-to-play unlock path.

This means that you may have to complete several missions and participate in specific events to earn blueprints for the new Gorn ship.

STFC: Gorn Eviscerator Blueprints

That being said, players who are willing to spend real money in STFC may be able to purchase packages that contain blueprints for the Gorn Eviscerator.

When looking at previous ship introductions, we believe that there may be 2 packs available for the new Gorn Ship.

One package will allegedly contain half of the blueprints you need to build the new ship, while the other package will contain all the necessary blueprints to construct the ship.

It is worth noting that it is not required to purchase either of these packs to construct the vessel. It is only for those who are willing to spend real money to obtain the vessel quicker than others.

STFC: Gorn Eviscerator

Gorn Eviscerator abilities

Similar to other vessels in STFC, the new Gorn vessel has various abilities you can use to defeat the Gorn enemies. The following table lists its abilities as well as a description of each:

Name Description
Hunt the Hunters This ability will provide you with overwhelming isolytic damage far in excess of what is available anywhere else. However, it only activates against the Gorn enemies.
Rigorous Extraction This vessel will upgrade your Isomatter refinery, however this ability amplifies the small amount of Apex Isomatter when you defeat a Gorn Hunter with the ship.
Spatial Rip The ability opens a Spatial Rip in the system the Gorn Eviscerator is currently in. It can be used by your own ships and other alliance members to travel there instantly. Any ship that travels through a Spatial Rip is granted one free instant recall.

Eviscerator Refinery

As seen in the table, Commanders can now obtain Apex Isomatter, which can be refined in the new Eviscerator Refinery.

By refining your Apex Isomatter, you will obtain Gorn Eviscerator Parts, which is required to upgrade the ship as well as other items.

Players can acquire the Cephalocasque Artifact by refining its shards in the new refinery. This new Artifact provides an extremely potent PvP-only Isolytic Defense boost to your fleet.

Starting out at 30 percent, this effect can grow to 200 percent when you upgrade its level.

Commanders can also benefit from the new Apex Recruit feature. When you use the Eviscerator Refinery, you will receive Apex Recruits, which can be exchanged for shards of the SNW officers in the new arc.

Gorn Eviscerator loop

Most of the ships in STFC have a loop you can follow to obtain the most rewards. For the Gorn Eviscerator loop, you have to start by defeating Gorn Hunters in the systems in which they spawn.

By defeating a Gorn Hunter, you will receive Volatile Isomatter as well as increased amounts of Apex Isomatter.

Players can exchange their Apex Isomatter in the Eviscerator Refinery to obtain powerful items. You can use the Gorn Eviscerator Parts to upgrade the new Gorn vessel and unlock related Research.

When will the Gorn Eviscerator be available in STFC?

Although Scopely has released most of the details about the new Gorn Eviscerator vessel, it is yet to be introduced in the game.

Allegedly, the vessel will only be released once Scopely takes the game offline to implement the new update.

Unfortunately, it is unknown when the update will occur, however we recommend that you keep an eye on the official STFC website for further details.

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