STFC: Gorn Eviscerator

Scopely recently added the Gorn Eviscerator to STFC, however, only Commanders level 40 and higher can construct this powerful vessel.

On Tuesday, 7 May 2024 Scopely released update 66 for Star Trek Fleet Command. This update not only introduced new missions, officers, cosmetics and a new battle pass, but it also introduced a new ship called the Gorn Eviscerator.

According to the update, the Gorn Eviscerator is the first ship with passive Isolytic abilities, which makes it ideal when going up against Gorn Hunter Hostiles. Unfortunately, only gamers levels 40 and higher can add this powerful ship to their fleet.

If you meet the requirement, you have to obtain 200 blueprints before you can construct the new ship. Allegedly, Commanders will be able to participate in a weekly event which requires that you complete unique tasks to earn blueprints.

Scopely has yet to disclose additional details about the event, however, we believe that they will be announced in the near future.

If you are willing to spend real money in STFC, you can purchase a pack that contains the necessary blueprints to construct the vessel.

Based on previously-released ships, we believe that Scopely will release 2 packs, one of which contains only half of the required blueprints to build the new ship and the other; all the blueprints required.

Unfortunately, Scopely has yet to announce what the prices of these packs are. However this pack will allegedly be released in the near future.

It is worth noting that you do not have to purchase a pack to add the ship to your fleet as there is a free-to-play path.

That being said, it may take free-to-play Commanders a little longer to construct the ship than players who purchase the blueprints.

STFC: Gorn Eviscerator Blueprints

Gorn Eviscerator abilities

Similar to other vessels in STFC, the Gorn Eviscerator has numerous abilities that you can use to defeat the Gorn Hunters. The following table lists the vessels’ abilities:

Name Description
Spatial Rip This active ability allows players to create a temporary one-way portal to their current system. Alliance members can travel through the portal to instantly teleport to your location.
Hunt the Hunters Players can use this passive ability to increase their Isolytic Damage against Gorn Hunters.
Rigorous Extraction This passive ability enhances the quantity of Apex Isomatter gained from defeating Gorn Hunters. It also increases with the ship’s level.

Apex Isomatter

As seen in the table, the Gorn Eviscerator increases the amount of Apex Isomatter that you can earn by defeating Gorn Hunters.

Commanders can refine their Apex Isomatter in the new Eviscerator Refinery under the “Isomatter” tab to earn rewards.

The new refinery will also provide you with the Gorn Eviscerator Parts, which is required to upgrade the vessel.

Players can also use the Gorn Eviscerator to obtain 3 new helpful items, namely, the Cephalocasque Artifact, Apex Recruits and Apex Ship parts.

The new Artifact provides an extremely powerful PvP-only Isolytic Defense boost for your fleet. Although its effect commences at 30%, it grows to an imposing 200% at the maximum level.

When you use the new refinery, you will get Apex Recruits, which you can exchange for SNW Officer shards.

Spatial Rip details

When you use the ship’s active ability, Spatial Rip, you should keep an eye on the duration timer which displays the duration of the Rip.

Once the timer depletes, the Rip will disappear, and your alliance members will no longer be able to travel to your location instantly.

Furthermore, the portal tracks how many ships can use it instead of players. This means that larger Alliances may require multiple Rips to instantly travel to the same location.

Commanders should also note that usage is restricted to any system within the players’ grades and below.

This means that a player in G5 between level 51 and level 60 will only be able to travel to any system which is below level 61.

After a ship travels through a Rip, Commanders will receive a one-time, free insta-recall back to the system in which their station is located. This enables players to travel back to their home systems after using the Rip.

Upgrading the Gorn Eviscerator

Once you have constructed the Gorn Eviscerator, you can upgrade it to enhance its capabilities. For every tier that you upgrade, you will receive increased amounts of Axion Plasma, which can be gained through the daily claim.

You will also benefit from the new Eviscerator Refinery, which enables you to refine Apex Isomatter.

Commanders can use the refined Apex Isomatter to procure the new artifact, recruit tokens, and Apex ship parts.

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