STFC: Gorn Eviscerator Blueprints

To obtain Gorn Eviscerator Blueprints in STFC, players have to participate in a new weekly event that occurs over weekends.

Ever since Scopely introduced the new Gorn Eviscerator vessel in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), Commanders have been curious about how they can obtain the blueprints and construct the ship.

Keep in mind though that only players level 40 and higher can construct this vessel and add it to their fleet.

To construct the new Gorn vessel, you have to procure 200 blueprints. Allegedly, Commanders who meet the requirements will be able to participate in a weekly event every weekend to acquire the necessary blueprints.

STFC: Gorn Eviscerator Blueprints
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On the official STFC Discord server, a player known as Captain_Tadpole mentioned that if you participate in every weekly event, it will take approximately 3 months to earn 200 blueprints.

If you are interested in obtaining the blueprints quicker, we believe that Scopely will release packages containing the blueprints required to construct the ship.

Based on previously-released vessels, Scopely released 2 packs, one of which contained half the number of blueprints required. The other pack contained all the blueprints necessary to construct the vessel.

It is worth noting that these packs can only be purchased with real money. This unfortunately means that free-to-play Commanders will have to participate in the weekly event to get the new ship’s blueprints.

Scopely has yet to reveal the details about the event, however, the event can be found in the event center. Unfortunately, the event is currently unavailable, which means that players cannot participate in the event.

We recommend that you regularly check the event to see when it becomes available and what you have to do to complete its tasks.

STFC: Gorn Eviscerator


Once you have constructed the Gorn Eviscerator, you can use its abilities to defeat the Gorn Hunters. The table below lists its abilities and a provides description of each:

Name Description
Spatial Rip If you use this ability, you can create a temporary one-way portal to your current system. This portal can be used by your Alliance Members to instantly travel to your current location.
Hunt the Hunters This passive ability increases the amount of Isolytic Damage that you deal against Gorn Hunters.
Rigorous Extraction It increases the amount of Apex Isomatter that you gain from defeating Gorn Hunters.

When will the event become available?

As previously mentioned, free-to-play Commanders have to participate in a weekly event to get the blueprints to construct the new ship.

Unfortunately, Scopely has yet to announce when the event will commence and what tasks players have to complete to earn rewards.

We recommend that you keep a close eye on the event menu to see when the event will become available. That being said, there are a few requirements that you have to meet to participate the event.

Upgrading the Gorn Eviscerator

Once you have constructed the Gorn Eviscerator, you can increase its tier to enhance its capabilities. Every tier increase boosts the amount of Axion Plasma that you can earn through the daily claim.

Commanders will also benefit from the new Eviscerator Refinery, which allows you to refine your Apex Isomatter into a variety of items, including a new artifact, Apex Recruits and Apex Ship Parts.

Keep in mind, however, that you need to procure many materials to upgrade the vessel. Some of the vessels that you need to obtain are:

  • Tritanium
  • Dilithium
  • Gas
  • Crystals
  • Gorn Eviscerator Parts
  • Axion Engines

Eviscerator mission

In addition to obtaining blueprints to construct the new Gorn ship, you can complete the Eviscerator mission chain.

Players should note that they cannot begin this chain by traveling to a specific system, instead, they have to accept the quest in your Holodeck.

This mission consists of 5 parts, each with unique tasks that you have to complete:

Mission part Objectives
  • Meet with La’an
  • Proceed to Tolain
  • Investigate the Colony
  • Defeat the Gorn vessel
  • Flee
  • Follow the Gorn sighting
  • Scan the system
  • Meet up with the Enterprise
  • Identify the Gorn’s next target
  • Choose a location and follow the given instructions
  • Scan the disabled ship
  • Beam down to the Gorn ship
  • Defeat the opponent
  • Retrieve the boarding party
  • Study the portal technology
  • Debrief Captain Pike
  • Report to Starfleet Command
  • Return to your Station
  • Build your own Gorn ship
  • Proceed to Starbase 80
  • Head off the Gorn attack
  • Defeat hostiles
  • Open a Spatial Rip
  • Return to Starbase 80

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