STFC: Generations Trivia Answers

Commanders level 10 and higher can enjoy the Generations Trivia event in STFC, however each question has only 1 correct answer.

As a commander of a starbase on the edge of civilized space in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), you can recruit legendary officers like Spock, Nero and James T. Kirk, among others. You have to build powerful ships and explore a vast open galaxy.

Generations Trivia Answers

In addition to following the main story arcs, expanding your fleet and exploring a galaxy, players can enjoy several in-game events. These limited-time activities require that players complete unique objectives to earn rewards.

STFC: Generations Trivia Answers
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One of the events that you can participate in is Generations Trivia, which that requires Commanders answer a set of questions based on the new arc, which was released with update 60: Make It So! Part 1.

There are 5 questions to answer, each of which has several possible answers. To answer a question, you have to complete a specific activity.

The following table lists the questions that you have to answer and the correct answer:

Question Correct Answer
In which order did the below actions happen when the Enterprise crew was trying to save the passengers of the Lakul? A) Ventiny Plasma, Beam up Crew, Engines full reverse, Resonance burst: Destroy hostile in Rigel
B’Etor said, “Human females are so repulsive”, when she saw C) Beverly: Mine 1 G2 Crystal
How long was Kirk in the Nexus? D) 80 Years: Mine 1 G2 Ore
Who chose to stay in the Nexus? C) Neither: Mine 2 G2 Gas
“Time is a……. who goes with us on the journey, and reminds us to cherish every moment because they’ll never come again.” A) Companion: Destroy 1 Hostile in Tellun

When is the Generations Trivia event ending?

The Generations Trivia event is only available for a limited time, which means that you only have a few days to complete the activity to earn rewards.

This event will conclude in 2 days, so you have until 10 November 2023 to answer all the questions.

Fortunately, the activities that you have to complete to answer the questions are fairly easy, which means that you can complete them very quickly.


If you answer the questions correctly, you will complete the event and receive points. If you complete milestones, you can earn rewards:

Segment 10-14 20-21
  • 2500 Tritanium
  • 1 2-star Uncommon Refined Crystal
  • 5 2-Common Refined Crystal
  • 125 000 Tritanium
  • 100 000 Tritanium Token
  • 2 3-star Uncommon Refined Crystal
  • 20 3-star Common Refined Crystal
  • 5 2-star Uncommon Crystal
  • 30 2-star Common Refined Crystal
  • 3750 Tritanium
  • 1 2-star Uncommon Refined Crystal
  • 7 2-star Common Refined Crystal
  • 187 500 Tritanium
  • 3 100 000 Tritanium Tokens
  • 3 3-star Uncommon Refined Crystal
  • 30 3-star Common Refined Crystal
  • 7 2-star Uncommon Refined Crystal
  • 45 2-star Common Refined Crystal
  • 6250 Tritanium
  • 2 2-star Uncommon Refined Crystal
  • 12 2-star Common Refined Crystal
  • 312 500 Tritanium
  • 5 100 00 Tritanium Tokens
  • 1 3-star Refined Crystal
  • 6 3-star Uncommon Refined Crystal
  • 50 3-star Common Refined Crystals
  • 12 2-star Uncommon Refined Crystal
  • 75 2-star Common Refined Crystal
  • 2 Enterprise-E Data Shards
  • 12 500 Tritanium
  • 5 2-star Uncommon Refined Crystal
  • 25 2-star Common Refined Crystal
  • 2 Enterprise-E Data Shards
  • 625 000 Tritanium
  • 1 million Tritanium Token
  • 2 3-star Rare Refined Crystal
  • 13 3-star Uncommon Refined Crystal
  • 101 3-star Common Refined Crystal
  • 25 2-star Uncommon Refined Crystal
  • 150 2-star Common Refined Crystal

Who can participate in the Generations Trivia event?

It is noteworthy that only STFC Commanders level 10 and higher can participate in the Generations Trivia event.

If you are yet to reach level 10, we recommend that you focus on the content available to you to increase your level.

Currently, it is unknown whether the Generations Trivia event will return in the future or not. This means that you may not be able to enjoy the event in the future even if you do meet the requirements.

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