STFC: Galactic Recruit

STFC’s Galactic Recruit feature provides Commanders with more recent officers than those found in the Ultra Recruit menu.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exciting video game that allows Commanders to recruit Officers, build vessels, complete space-based missions and defeat hostiles.

There are various Officers that you can recruit and assign to your fleet before taking on a grand adventure.

Scopely, STFC’s developer, regularly hosts in-game events which require that players complete unique events to earn rewards.

Commanders can now participate in the Galactic Recruit event, which will provide more recent officers than those in the Ultra Recruit menu.

STFC: Galactic Recruit
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Players can earn the Galactic Recruit tokens in various ways throughout this month’s events. This essentially means that you have to participate in a variety of events in order to earn the tokens to recruit Officers in the Galactic Recruit event.

If you progress in the Xindi Hunt Low – SMS event, you will acquire the required tokens for the Galactic Recruit feature.

Keep in mind, however, that this event began on Tuesday, 23 January 2024 and will conclude on Thursday, 25 January 2024.

During this time, Commanders have to vanquish hostiles of different levels to collect as many points as possible.

The number of points you accumulate determines how many Galactic Recruit Tokens you will receive along with Syndicate Experience Points.

Unfortunately, this event will conclude very soon, which means that players cannot acquire the Galactic Recruit Tokens anymore.

However, Scopely mentioned that there will be a variety of events throughout the month that you can enjoy to procure the Recruit Tokens.

We therefore recommend that you keep an eye on the upcoming events to procure additional Recruit Tokens.

Xindi Hunt Low – SMS event scoring

There are different hostiles that gamers were able to defeat during the Xindi Hunt Low – SMS event to earn points. However, the number of points you got depends on the level of the enemies that you vanquished:

Enemy Points
Defeat 1 L10-15 hostile 1
Defeat 1 L16-19 hostile                                        2
Defeat 1 L20-22 hostile 3
Defeat 1 L23-24 hostile 5
Defeat 1 L25-26 hostile 8
Defeat 1 L27-28 hostile 13
Defeat 1 L29-30 hostile 21
Defeat 1 L31-32 hostile 34
Defeat 1 L33-34 hostile 55
Defeat 1 L35-36 hostile 89
Defeat 1 L37-39 hostile 144

It can therefore be said that the higher the level of the enemy you defeated, the more points you got.


The following table lists the rewards that you were able to earn based on the Milestones:

Milestones Rewards
  • 80 Galactic Recruit Tokens
  • 750 Syndicate Experience Points
  • 120 Galactic Recruit Tokens
  • 1130 Syndicate Experience Points
  • 200 Galactic Recruit Tokens
  • 1880 Syndicate Experience Points
  • 400 Galactic Recruit Token
  • 3760 Syndicate Experience Points

Once you have enough Galactic Recruit Tokens, you can head to the Recruit Menu in STFC and select the Galactic Recruit option.

What to do if you cannot find Galactic Recruit

On the official STFC Discord server, numerous Commanders have mentioned that they are unable to find the Galactic Recruit option in the Recruit menu of the game. Allegedly, there is an Ops level requirement for the Galactic Recruitment.

This essentially means that if you are not at the required Ops level, you will not be able to find the Galactic Recruit menu in the Recruit menu. Unfortunately, the required Ops level for this recruitment is undetermined.

Even if you do not meet the level requirements, you will still get the Galactic Recruit Tokens if you participate in the events.

It can therefore be said that if you meet the required level for the Galactic Recruit while it is active, you will be able to use your Tokens to recruit Officers.

Which officers are available to recruit?

The Galactic Recruit event provides STFC players with more recent officers than those found in the Ultra Recruit menu.

If you procure Galactic Recruit Tokens, you will be able to summon numerous Officer Fragments which can be used to collect the Officer.

You can procure the following Officer from the Galactic Recruit:

  • Seven of Nine
  • Neelix
  • Chakotay
  • Tom Paris
  • PIC Admiral Picard
  • The Doctor
  • PIC Beverly Crusher
  • Borg Queen
  • B’Elanna Torres
  • Tuvok
  • PIC Riker
  • Dezoc
  • Kathryn Janeway
  • PIC Worf
  • Dixon Hill
  • Gossa
  • Hugh

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