STFC: G6 Ship List

Update 60 of STFC revealed the G6 expansion, which introduced 13 new Faction ships you can build to defeat enemies.

As a Commander of a fleet in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you have to build, upgrade and defend your star base against other players and hostiles.

To advance in the game, you have to complete space-based missions and expand your fleet by building ships and recruiting officers.

G6 Ship List

Update 60 was released on Tuesday, 7 November 2023 and it introduced many new features that gamers can enjoy.

Scopely, the game’s developer, announced that grade 5 was released many moons ago and they have since released G6 with update 60.

STFC: G6 Ship List
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There are 13 new Faction Ships that players can build, however, every ship requires a specific shipyard level and is part of a faction. Every ship is described in detail below:

Ship Required shipyard level Faction
Velox 66 Romulan
USS Titan 66 Federation
USS Newgrange 68 Federation
USS Enterprise-E 70 Federation
USS Akira 63 Federation
Selkie 61 Neutral
Scimitar 70 Romulan
Negh-Var 63 Klingon
Minerva 63 Romulan
Krencha 70 Klingon
Kos’Karii 66 Klingon
Grishnar 68 Klingon
Divitae 68 Romulan

Players will be able to construct these ships once their shipyards reach the necessary levels, but keep in mind that upgrading your shipyard requires specific resources.

Ship type

All STFC players know the ship battle triangle, which indicates that Explorers have an advantage over Interceptors, which have an advantage over Battleships. You therefore have to know every faction ship’s type:

Ship Type of ship
Velox Interceptor
USS Titan Battleship
USS Newgrange Survey
USS Enterprise-E Explorer
USS Akira Interceptor
Selkie Survey
Scimitar Battleship
Negh-Var Battleship
Minerva Explorer
Krencha Explorer
Kos’Karii Explorer
Grishnar Survey
Divitae Survey

Ship abilities

All 13 new Faction Ships have unique abilities which STFC players can benefit from. The ships’ abilities are as follows:

Ship Ability
Velox On combat, increases base Armor Piercing by 1000 percent against hostiles
USS Titan On combat, increases base Shield Piercing by 1000 percent against hostiles
USS Newgrange The mining rate of Gas is increased by 700 percent
USS Enterprise-E As long as the ship has Morale, it increases its Kinetic Weapon damage by 2180 percent every time the Decimator hits
USS Akira Increases Ion Storm Resistance by 15 percent
Selkie Mining speed is increased by 200 percent
Scimitar As long as the opponent has Burning, this ship increases its weapon damage by 1820 every time the incinerator hits.
Negh-Var Increases Asteroid Field Resistance by 15 percent
Minerva Increases Radiation Resistance by 15 percent
Krencha If the opponent has Hull Breach, the ship increases its Energy Weapon damage by 2180 percent every time the Disintegrator hits
Kos’Karii On combat start, it increases base Accuracy by 1000 percent against hostiles.
Grishnar The mining rate of Crystal is increased by 700 percent
Divitae The mining rate of Ore is increased by 700 percent

How to build a Faction ship

In order to build a Faction ship, you need to reach a specific reputation level with the Faction. Thereafter, you can purchase the ship’s blueprints in exchange for Faction Credits.

Keep in mind that you have to purchase all the necessary blueprints to  build the ship.

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